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Computational Intelligence Graduate Certificate Overview

Challenge the limits of what you understand about computational intelligence and be a part of the conversation about machine learning with this graduate certificate. PSU's graduate certificate in computational intelligence introduces you to the ways in which computers may learn and adapt based on data to solve complex problems when mathematical or traditional modeling fails.

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Computational Intelligence Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

The program's coursework explores four main components of computational intelligence and its typical applications, including pattern recognition, data-mining, control, signal processing, and non-linear optimization.

The city of Portland boasts a thriving, creative tech sector that creates a dynamic, collaborative experience for our students. You’ll have the opportunity to take classes from faculty who are doing groundbreaking work in machine learning and work side-by-side with the future innovators of the industry.

What can I do with a graduate certificate in Computational Intelligence?

Our graduates utilize this immersion in computational intelligence to find work in a variety of sectors, not just in tech. Many students stack the graduate certificate onto their existing coursework in computer science or engineering and leverage this degree to find competitive jobs that specialize in AI.

Featured Courses

  • SYSC 575 AI: Neural Networks
  • SYSC 557 Artificial Life
  • SYSS 551 Discrete Multivariate Modeling
  • CS 541 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 545 Machine Learning


  • CS 546 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
  • CS 570 Machine Learning Seminar
  • ECE 510 Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning


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