Transportation, Technology & People Laboratory
Welcome to the Transportation Technology and People (TTP) research group!

TTP is a group of multidisciplinary faculty members, researchers, and students evaluating new technologies and applying advanced modeling and data analysis techniques to complex logistics and transportation problems.

Transportation: including freight transportation and logistics, our approach is multimodal and encompasses disruptive and traditional modes.

Technology:  we model, develop and evaluate new data collection technologies (video recognition, sensors, and smartphone apps) as well as advanced control systems. 

People: we believe that logistics and transportation systems have a significant impact on people's health, the environment, and economic activity. While mobility and accessibility are essential, just as important are the impacts of logistics and transportation systems on equity, livability, and safety.    

The TTP lab is located in the College of Engineering (CEE department) at PSU . The group works on basic and applied research that benefit transportaion stakeholders as well as educating students through real world transportation projects. Professors Miguel Figliozzi and  Avinash Unnikrishnan i co-direct the lab.


Please contact us using this link: TTPlab.