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Business Management Core (BMC)

Portland State University’s Business Management Core (BMC) Program is a custom designed 36 credit hour exchange program designed for business and economics students who have completed three years of undergraduate education from three Chinese universities: Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Zhengzhou University, and Guangdong University of Finance. This credit program is designed to prepare students for entry into graduate programs in U.S. universities. Students are admitted to Portland State University and receive official transcripts after completing the program.  The program is staffed and run by the School of Business, an AACSB accredited business school.

Program Schedule

The BMC Program begins in Portland on August 15, and concludes on April 15 of the following year with graduation ceremonies. The academic calendar for the program is divided into three terms that roughly correspond to Summer, Fall, and Winter terms of the academic year at Portland State University.

Program Curriculum

BMC consists of nine courses - 36 quarter credit hours in total - from the core classes required for completing all business degrees in the School of Business.

BMC Courses

PSU Course Number

Credit Hours

Organizational Behavior

BA 302


Business Communication

BA 205


Financial Accounting

BA 211


Human Resource Management

MGMT 351


Marketing Management

BA 311


Managerial Accounting

BA 213


Operations and Quality Management

BA 339


Business Finance

BA 303


Supply Chain Management

ISQA 407


Total Credit Hours



For more information contact:

Linda L. Zhao
Associate Director, Business
BA 388