Shawn  Smallman

Shawn Smallman

Professor of International Studies


During scheduled office hours, please contact Dr. Smallman via the Chat function in your email account, through Skype (user name: shawn.smallman) or by phone using the phone number listed in your course syllabus. Outside of posted office hours, you can book an appointment with Dr. Smallman or email him to arrange a different time.


Modern Brazil; Global Health, particularly regarding HIV/AIDS and avian influenza; Indigenous history, health and religion; the global drug trade and global health; conspiracy theories; pedagogy in an online environment, particularly Universal Design and the Negotiated Syllabus. 


Shawn Smallman’s first book, Fear and Memory in the Brazilian Military and Society, 1889-1954, examined military terror and corruption in Brazilian history. He then wrote The AIDS Pandemic in Latin America, which was based on research in southern Mexico, Cuba and Brazil. During his fieldwork he interviewed drug traffickers, crack addicts, sex workers, doctors, and community leaders. More recently, he has co-authored a textbook, An Introduction to International and Global Studies with Professor Kim Brown, which is currently entering its third edition. He has also published a book on Indigenous religion and history titled: Dangerous Spirits: the Windigo in Myth in History. Smallman has a particular interest in conspiracy theories, and has written multiple articles discussing these narratives in both public health and Argentine politics. Smallman also has an emerging research interest in avian influenza in Southeast Asia, where he is undertaking fieldwork. He has also published on Universal Design and pedagogy in International and Global Studies.

Smallman blogs regularly on global affairs and recently started a podcast Dispatch 7: global trends on all seven continents. His mother, Phyllis Smallman, was a mystery writer, who wrote the Sherri Travis mystery series. His sister, Ellen Wild, is also a novelist, who wrote the Arthur Ellis award winning novel, Strange Things Done. The father of two daughters, Smallman loves ghost stories (especially M.R. James) and studying Mandarin.


  • INTL 201  Introduction to International Studies
  • INTL 240  Introduction to Latin American Studies
  • INTL 362  Amazon Rain Forest
  • INTL 365  Digital Globalization
  • INTL 366  Cyberwar and Espionage
  • INTL 390  Foundations of Global Studies (Prerequisites: INTL 201)
  • INTL/HST 364U  Modern Brazil
  • INTL 396  The U.S. and the World
  • INTL 407  Seminar: The Global Drug Trade

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