Resources & Access

On this page you will find instructions and guidance in acquiring and using the resources provided to you as a new employee. If you have any questions about these items it's best to contact the department that manages them directly (OIT, ID services, etc.).


ID cards for faculty and staff can be picked up at the ID Services office in the Western Hemlock Trailer Pod located south of Shattuck Hall. The ID card can only be obtained once Human Resources has authorized it. A valid government issued ID is required to pick up your new card.

For more information on ID cards please visit the ID Services page.


Keys and Building Access Cards

Your PSU ID card can be used to gain electronic door access to certain buildings, however in some cases you may need a separate access card. If you need access to specific areas or buildings please contact you department administrator and let them know. The Campus Public Safety Office is responsible for card access and provides information on building access and codes.

In certain situations you may need a brass key to access interior doors. Facilities and Property Management process Key Requests. Work with your supervisor to figure out what keys you may need.


Access to PSU Gmail and Google Tools

Faculty and staff are assigned a email account that is tied to their Odin account. You can easily access you email by visiting and using your Odin credentials to log in. Besides access to email, you also have a variety of Google tools available to you as well, such as a calendar and google drive. Visit OIT's page for a full list of Google tools available.


Technology Related Services and Support

If you're having trouble with your Gmail account or any other technology related issues, please visit the Office of Information Technology's website. Their website contains an enormous amount of information and provide technical support to users on campus.


Transportation to and from PSU

There are a variety of ways to get to and from PSU. Whichever mode of transportation you choose, the Transportation & Parking Services department has you covered. They handle all matters related to parking permits and public transportation passes, and provide information on bicycling resources found on campus.