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  • Authorized Volunteer/PSU Affiliated Service Forms
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Forms
  • Employee Information Forms
  • Employee Separation Forms
  • Graduate Assistant Cancellation/Modification Forms
  • Labor Distribution Forms
  • Letters of Offer
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Position Descriptions
  • Sabbatical Applications
  • Special Salary Increase Requests (New!)
  • Staff Fee Privileges Form (New!)

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For quick access, Human Resources forms are divided into six categories, and listed alphabetically in each category, as follows:

Form Sections

Policies & Contracts | Benefits | Recruit & Hire | Payroll & Employee Information | Position Management | Performance Management


Policies and Contracts

Policies | Employment Laws | State of Oregon | Union Contracts


PSU Alcohol and Drug-Free University Policy

Assistance Animal Policy

Clery Act, Alerts and Timely Warnings

Code of Ethics, Policy, Ethics Guide for Public Employees

Computer Account (Odin) Expiration Policy

Consensual Relationship Policy

Driver's License & Criminal Background Check Policies

Email Communications Policy

Equity in Public Contracting Policy

Fragrance Free Value Statement

OIT Acceptable Use Policy

Out-of-State Employment Process

Outside Employment Policy (and Approval Form)

Preventing the Spread of Flu in the Workplace Policy

Professional Standards of Conduct Policy

Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment (including Sexual Harassment) Policy

Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for Faculty

Reasonable Accommodation/Access Policy

Religious Accommodations Policy

Remote Work Guidelines & Agreement (formerly called Telecommuting Policy)

Restrictions on Political Campaigning for Public Employees

Signature Authority & Delegation Policy

Sick Leave Policy

Smoking & Tobacco Free Policy

University Closure Policy

University Policy Library

Vehicle Rules for State Drivers

Work/Life Policy

Employment Laws

Complete Election Law Summary for Candidates and PACs

Lactation Breaks

Minor Employment Policy Certificate and Child Labor Laws

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries FAQs

Quick Reference Guide on Political Campaigning

Rest and Meal Period

Travel Time

Wage & Hour Laws 

FFCRA Poster

FMLA Poster

OEPA Poster

OFLA Poster


OROSHA COVID-19 Hazard Poster (English)

OROSHA COVID-19 Hazard Poster (Spanish)

WA Paid Family Medical Leave Poster (English)

WA Paid Family Medical Leave Poster (Spanish)

State of Oregon

Oregon Administrative Rules

Oregon Revised Statutes

PSU Standards (Former OARs) and Former OUS Internal Management Directives & Policies

Records Retention Schedule OAR 166-475

Union Contracts

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

AAUP Sick Leave MOA

AAUP 2021 Salary Rate Tables (Article 30)

AAUP MOA COVID Impact Work Share Program

Portland State University Faculty Association (PSUFA)

PSUFA Economic Reopener Outcomes

Web Page for Accessing PSUFA MOUs and LOAs

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

Graduate Employees Union (GEU)

SEIU Local 503, OPEU 2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement

SEIU Local 503, OPEU CBA and LOA Extensions

SEIU Local 503 LOA, COVID-19

SEIU LOA Alternative to Layoffs

SEIU LOA Work Share Program

SEIU LOA Extension

SEIU Police Collective Bargaining Agreement     

PSU-SEIU-FOP Voluntary Recognition Agreement


Tuition Health & Well-being | Employee Leaves | Worker's Compensation | Retirement     



Staff Fee Privileges Approval Form for Employee

Staff Fee Privileges Approval Form-Transfer of Staff Fee Benefit to Qualified Family Member

Instructions for AAUP Members to use IPDA Funds for Tuition            

AAUP Individual Professional Development Account (IPDA) Fund Request Form 

Health & Well-being

All Health PEBB Forms

FSA Dependent Care and Healthcare Reimbursement Claim

Employee Leaves

ADA Accommodation Request Part 1

ADA Accommodation Request Part 2

Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault, or Stalking Protections Poster

FFCRA Poster

FMLA Poster

FMLA Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Servicemember for Military Family Leave

FMLA/OFLA Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition

FMLA/OFLA Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition

FMLA Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave

FMLA/OFLA Leave Request Form

FMLA/OFLA Leave Tracking Form

OFLA Poster

Personal/Discretionary Leave Request Form

Sabbatical Leave Processing Summary

Sabbatical Leave Request Form

Sabbatical Leave OAR's

SEIU Hardship Leave Request Form

SEIU Hardship Leave Donation Form

AAUP Sick Leave Donation Request Form 

Worker's Compensation

Injury Report Form

Workers' & Employers' report of occupational injury or disease/illness (SAIF 801)

SAIF 801 in Spanish 


All PERS Retirement Forms

ORP Change of Investment Companies Form

PERS To ORP Transfer Form

Ready to Retire: A Checklist

Retirement Plan Choices Guide


403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement          

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Recruit and Hire   

Job Announcements | Forms & Tools | Job Offer

Job Announcements  

Position Announcement Template (Word)

Forms and Tools

Background Check Request Form

Behavioral Interviewing Questions

Effective Search Committees

Employee Type Compatibility Matrix                       

Research Classification and Rank Matrix

Request for Authorization to Hire an Employee Residing and Performing Work Outside of Oregon

Job Offer

Classified Salary Policy

Electronic Student Hire/Termination User Guide

Letters of Offer

Moving Expense Reimbursement Form

Moving Reimbursement Guide

Reference Checking Form

Oregon Equal Pay Act Salary Justification Memo (HB2005 Memo)      

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Payroll and Employee Information   

Required Employee Paperwork Pay Information | Student Timesheets Labor Distribution Employee Information | Authorization Access

Required Employee Paperwork

Direct Deposit Sign Up Online

Employee Information Form (pdf)

Employee Information Form (Word)


Remote Hire I-9 Verification Form and Instructions

I-9 Information Sheet - Common FAQs

Non-Resident Alien Employee Tax Withholding Forms


Form OR-W-4       

W-4 Sign Up Online

Pay Information

Adjunct Late Letter or Cancellation Form

Direct Deposit Authorization form

EPAF User Guide

Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Check Replacement (pdf)

Mandatory Tax Withholding Calculator

Payroll Advance Request Form

Payroll Deadlines Calendar

Substantial Presence Test

SEIU & PSUPA Vacation Leave Cash Out Request Form

Summer Term Pay Schedule

Twelve-Month Payroll Redistribution Plan (pdf)       

Twelve-Month Payroll Redistribution Plan (Word)


Student Employment Summer Information               

Student Employee Wage Cap Exception form (replaces Overcap Request)


Guide for Web Time Entry Employees

Timesheet Tips for Approvers and Proxies                       

Web Timesheet - Hourly paid Student, Temporary and Wage Pool - Hourly Cycle (16th-15th)

Labor Distribution

FTE Labor Distribution Form (11 Indexes)

FTE Labor Distribution Form (3 Indexes)

Non FTE Labor Distribution Form (11 Indexes)                    

Non FTE Labor Distribution Form (3 Indexes)

Employee Information

Name Change Checklist

Name Change Form (pdf)

Name Change Form (Word)

Employee Separation Form (Word)

Exit/Transfer Checklist for Supervisors (pdf)    

First Name Override Form

Authorization Access 

Communications Allowance Procedure

Communications Allowance Authorization Form

System Access Request

Web Time Entry Approver Authorization Form

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Position Management

Position Management

Administrative Stipend

Appeal of Academic Professional Position Review Decision Form

Associate Dean, Chair, and Chair-Equivalent Appointment Form

Cash Award Form - IT Only

Differential Pay Process

Graduate Assistant Modification or Cancellation Form

Summer Term Modification or Cancellation Form

Oregon Equal Pay Act Salary Justification Memo (HB2005 Memo)

Job Classification Comparison

Lead Work Differential Request Form (pdf)

Lead Work Differential Request Form (Word)

Request for New Pooled Position Number

SEIU Classifications

Special Salary Increase Instructions and Form

Supplemental Overload

Temporary FTE Change Request

Work-Out-of-Class (Classified Staff) 

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Performance Evaluations

Classified Evaluations | Unclassified Evaluations | Student Evaluations

Classified Evaluations

Classified Employee Performance Evaluation Form (pdf)

Classified Employee Performance Evaluation Form (Word)

Classified Employee Self-Evaluation Form (pdf)

Classified Employee Self-Evaluation Form (Word)

Instructions for IT Classified Performance Appraisal

IT Performance Appraisal Level 1 Form (Word)

IT Performance Appraisal Level 2 Form (Word)     

IT Performance Appraisal Level 3 Form (Word)

Performance Evaluation Policy

Unclassified Evaluations

AAUP- Academic Professional Annual Evaluation - option 1 (Word)

AAUP- Academic Professional Annual Evaluation - option 2 (pdf)

AAUP- Academic Professional Annual Evaluation - option 2 (Word)

AAUP-Faculty Evaluations

Unclassified Staff Self-Evaluation (pdf)

Unclassified Staff Self-Evaluation (Word)        

Unclassified/Unrepresented Staff Performance Evaluation (fillable pdf)

Unclassified/Unrepresented Staff Performance Evaluation Instructions

Student Evaluations

Student Staff Performance Evaluation

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