Adjunct Resources

PSU Welcomes You

Welcome to Portland State University! As one of more than 1,000 part-time faculty, you are an integral member of the PSU community. Adjunct faculty teach 34% percent of the student credit hours, compared with 33% by full-time tenure track faculty and 28% full-time non-tenure track faculty. Some adjuncts are able to use their part-time schedules to finish degrees, pursue scholarly projects, raise young families, or hone their teaching and research skills in preparation for their next career move. Others combine their work at PSU with jobs at other institutions – it’s a challenging way to make ends meet. Because adjuncts' compensation and benefits differ from those of their full-time counterparts, we encourage all adjunct researchers and teaching faculty to make the most of resources for which they are eligible and particularly those available only to adjuncts through PSUFA, the union for PSU’s part-time faculty.