Summer Term Resources

Summer Term EPAFs are now live!

Summer term EPAFs can be used in place of any summer letter and will allow transparency, accuracy, and efficiency to our process.  Instructions on how to use them are linked below.  

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9-month unclassified employees
 Summer term earnings may not exceed earnings of 33.33% of their final prior year annual salary rate. The 33.33% limit applies to all pay from all sources at Portland State University within the period of June 16th through September 15th.

Summer Term
Teaching EPAF

These EPAFs are to be used only for current nine-month employees or Summer Term- only employees who will be teaching.  AAUP represented faculty employed to teach during the summer term will be paid at a per-credit-hour rate that is no less than 2.5% of the member's base nine-month salary rate.
Summer Term Non-Teaching EPAF These EPAFs are to be used only for current nine-month employees or Summer Term-only employees who will not be teaching and make more than $684 per week. If the employee will earn less than $684 per week, use the Summer Term Hourly Wage Agreement Letter below.
Summer Term Hourly Wage Agreement EPAF Hourly wage agreements are appropriate for piece-work and traditional "per hour" or overtime subject employment. Hourly employees on a wage agreement must submit timesheets in order to be paid through Banweb.

Summer Overload Worksheet

Overload/Supplemental Offer Letter

Requests for overload above 33.33% limit will be denied unless there are compelling, extraordinary, or emergency circumstances that are documented on the Summer Overload Worksheet and Supplemental Offer Letter. Both must be submitted together before the Provost's Office will consider approving overload.

Overload must be approved through the Provost's Office prior to both presentation to the employee and their start of work. Follow the signature routing indicated on the Summer Overload Worksheet; please note that signatures for overload are required on both the worksheet and the offer letter. Any grant-related overloads will require additional justification and possibly agency approval.

12-month unclassified employees
Labor Distribution Form If a department will be paying for a portion of a twelve-month employee's regular salary in exchange for some of their regular effort over the summer, that department must submit a Labor Distribution Form signed by all authorities responsible for the employee's 1.0 pay (i.e. home department & department buying out time).
Overload/Supplemental Compensation Worksheet If a department hires a twelve-month employee for work in excess of their 1.0 FTE appointment, that department must submit the Overload/Supplemental Compensation Worksheet. Overload must be approved through the Provost Office prior to both presentation to the employee and their start of work. Follow the signature routing indicated on the Overload/Supplemental Compensation Worksheet.
Graduate Assistants
Summer Term Graduate Assistant EPAF Graduate Assistants who have Summer Term work must either be on a vacation term between a Spring and a Fall term Graduate Assistantship, or eligible for a Graduate Assistantship due to Summer Term admission and registration. The terms of agreement, as well as information on the current stipend rates, tuition policy, and more can be found on the Graduate Studies website. 
Hourly Students

Students continuing from the prior school year or that are newly admitted for the upcoming Fall term may be hired as regular student hourly employees during the Summer Term. Departments are responsible for verifying the student's enrollment or admission status. Student Employee resources including salary information and how to hire a student can be found at this link.

Student employees are allowed one term per year in which they may work without meeting the credit hour eligibility requirements. Summer Term is the preferred term for this exception.

If a student is not being hired on a Graduate Assistantship, a continuing student may be hired through the hourly student payroll process using an EPAF through Banweb.

*Note that if a student has graduated, he/she may not be hired as any type or student employee unless entering into another PSU program in the upcoming Fall Term.

Financial Work Study Request Form Students with academic year Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) awards may begin earning the award on 16 June, whether enrolled for summer term or not. Students working over summer must have an accepted award for the upcoming aid year and may earn a prorated portion of their award during the summer. To be eligible, a student must file a Financial Work Study Request Form and receive the approved certificate of eligibility to present to their employing department.