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Paystub HeaderPaystub SummaryLeave Balances SectionEarnings SectionBenefits, Deductions, and TaxesTaxable Fringe BenefitsCheck or Direct Deposit InformationTax WithholdingsPrinter Friendly Button

  1. Header: This section lists your PSU ID, name, address, the pay date, and the pay period.
  2. Summary: Includes the current pay period and year-to-date (YTD) totals of gross pay, personal deductions, the resulting net pay, and employer paid contributions associated with your employment. Summary information corresponds with your earnings and deduction totals in sections 4 and 5.
  3. Leave Balances: Here you can find your leave taken this month (last month for salary employees), leave accrued this month, and your available balances remaining at the end of the pay period.
  4. Earnings: This shows your earnings paid, separated by job, for the current pay period and YTD. Hours or units paid and your pay rate are displayed. Earnings types include, but are not limited to:
    1. Regular hours and salary
    2. Leave time taken, such as sick days, vacation, personal days and accrued comp time
    3. Other cash earnings, such as overtime, overload pay, stipends, SEIU differentials, deferred payout, and cash allowances (cell/Internet)
    4. Note: Non-cash earnings are listed separately. These include furlough pay reduction, deferred pay accrual, and overtime accrued as leave (rather than paid).
  5. Benefits, Deductions and Taxes: Here are the deductions from your pay, contributions paid by PSU on your behalf (or as an employer-paid cost associated with your employment), and your gross wages subject to deductions. The section has three subcategories, with current and YTD amounts listed for each:
    1. Deductions before Federal Tax are the deductions taken from your earnings before tax is applied to your income. These include your healthcare plan, tax deferred investments and other pre-tax retirement contributions, flexible spending account deductions, pre-tax parking or bus pass costs, and other pre-tax deductions.
    2. Taxes include both the tax withholdings from your pay and tax assessments paid by PSU on your behalf as an associated cost of employment. 
    3. Deductions after Federal Tax are all other deductions taken from your earnings. These include post-tax deductions, PSU-paid retirement account contributions, PERS employer cost assessments, union dues/fair share, PEBB post-tax life/disability/long term care deductions, charitable donations, campus rec membership, and others.
  6. Taxable Fringe Benefits: These are non-cash benefits subject to taxation that you’ve received, including but not limited to taxable tuition benefits, domestic partner benefits, and taxable moving expenses.
  7. Check or Direct Deposit: Depending on the method by which you are paid, you will see here either a check number or a transaction number and your bank information.
  8. Tax Withholdings: Both the Federal Tax and Oregon State Tax blocks show your self-elected tax withholding filing status, number of withholding allowances, and any additional fixed dollar amount tax withholdings.
  9. Printer Friendly Button: Select this option to print or save your pay stub when you need an official PSU pay statement to provide proof of employment and wages received.