Tax Information and W-2s

At the end of each calendar/tax year, the University is required to issue the following forms, outlining wages you received at any time during the prior calendar year:

  • W-2 Wage Statement: Issued to all PSU employees, except some who claim treaty benefits (see below).
  • Form 1042-S: Issued to anyone who claimed treaty benefits in the tax year.
  • Form 1099: Issued to individuals who performed services for the University as Independent Contractors.
  • These are sent in late January from University Financial Services.

W-2 Wage and Tax Statements are available to view, and/or print an official copy, from Banweb.

  1. Log in to Banweb and follow the links through Employee, Tax Forms, W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.
  2. Select the Tax Year and click “Display.”
  3. You will need to supply security information, then you should see your “W2 Year End Earnings Statement.”
  4. For more frequently asked W-2 questions, please see our W-2 FAQ's.

Employees are required to submit a tax return by April 15th of each year for the prior year for both Federal and State governments even if no taxes are owed. The following links should assist you in this process.

Federal Income Tax

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Tax Information for US Citizens, Resident Alien and Substantially Present Individuals

Tax Information for Non-Resident Alien

State Income Tax

Oregon Department of Revenue

Affordable Care Act Form 1095-C

Assistance in Tax Return Preparation

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program provides free tax preparation services to individuals who are below certain income thresholds. Local services can be reached by calling 503.228.7465. In-person tax help may be available by calling 503.326.5441. Visit the IRS Free Tax Preparation page for more information.