PSU's Sick Leave Policy and Oregon's Sick Time Law


PSU's Sick Leave Policy and Oregon's Sick Time law took effect January 1, 2016, expanding eligibility to accrue and use paid sick leave to all PSU employees.

The following PSU employees will earn 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked and may accrue a maximum of 40 hours of sick time in a year: Part-time employees, including part-time PSUFA represented faculty, graduate assistants, academic wage, temporary staff, student workers, IATSE, and other employees whose appointment is less than .50 FTE, and not benefit-eligible.

Sick leave and accrual rates will not change for those employees already covered by paid sick leave policies. Those employees include Unclassified employees employed at .50 FTE or more on a 12-month or 9-month benefits-eligible appointment and SEIU represented Regular Classified employees.

More Information

Please note: PSU's policy is more generous to employees than the law requires, so the information provided by BOLI is slightly different than information provided by PSU.