Employee Appreciation & Recognition

Recognition of good work shows appreciation and lets colleagues and teams know how important their contribution is to the workplace.  Preferences for private versus public recognition may vary, below are some ideas to consider.

Informal Recognition

  • Say "thank you". Don't wait! It only takes a moment to recognize someone's efforts. Be sure to include specifics about how their work really made a difference. Example: "Thanks for sending me the information I asked for so quickly, it really helped to have it before my afternoon meeting." 
  • Begin meetings with kudos. Create a habit and set the tone for meetings by giving everyone a chance to say a quick thank you or recognition of good work to their colleagues. Building in an opportunity for kudos ensures you don't forget about it, and can be a positive way to start team meetings.
  • Pay attention. It's easy to notice when people do things wrong, but noticing when someone does something right increases the chance that they'll keep doing it that way. Example: "You do a great job responding to requests from students. I'm sure you get the same question a lot, but you really provided them with helpful information."
  • Hand-written notes. Send a simple note to a colleague across campus, or post a note on someone's door to express your appreciation. For some people, the personal touch of a hand-written note will be more appreciated than any kind of public recognition.
  • Celebrate milestones. Whether it's recognition of a work anniversary, or the completion of a large project, be sure to take some time to celebrate. 
  • Pass on praise. If you hear about the great work that someone is doing, pass it on to them to show that their work is being noticed. 
  • Ask, then listen. One of the simplest ways to show respect and appreciation for someone's work is to ask about it, and then be sure to listen. Allowing someone to provide their opinion or idea also recognizes the value that their point of view brings to the workplace. 


Awards and Recognition Events

PSU hosts a few events each year to recognize and show appreciation for employees. 

  • Length of Service Awards: Celebrates faculty and staff who have worked at PSU consecutively for more than 5 years (in 5-year increments).
  • Student Employee Appreciation (SEA) Week: With over 2,000 student employees on campus, this event focuses on the outstanding contribution that they, and their supervisors, make to PSU. This event takes place during April. Nomination forms are generally sent out in January. Contact the Student Employment Steering Committee for more information. 
  • Top of the Class: This event celebrates the contribution of our Classified (SEIU-represented) staff who are in support positions across campus. This event is generally held in July with all Classified staff encouraged to attend.