Compensation and Benefits for Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral scholars are trainees, and as such, are required to have PSU faculty mentors and professional development programming. Postdocs are also unranked, unrepresented PSU employees. As employees, postdocs are eligible for most PSU employee benefits.

Compensation Guidelines

PSU follows the National Institutes of Health established postdoc compensation rates.


Health Benefits

Postdocs working at least half-time are eligible for health benefits.


Vacation, Sick and Other Leave

Postdocs are eligible for a variety of paid and unpaid time off options.


Student Loan Deferment

Postdocs may be eligible for education-related deferment, depending on a number of variables. Postdocs must bring the completed form to the Human Resources office to request a deferment. A staff member will verify postdoc status, sign the form, and send the completed and signed form to the loan agency.


Reduced Tuition for State Schools

PSU employees or their qualified family members are eligible to access reduced cost tuition at PSU or other participating colleges and universities in the state university system.


Retirement Benefits

Postdocs are not eligible for PERS benefits. However, PSU will match up to a 4% voluntary contribution to an individual retirement account.