Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans

Eligibility: All employees with the exception of students and graduate assistants are eligible to participate. Contributions are made by the employee. Employer matching contributions are available for ORP Tier 4 employees only.

Contribution limits: You can contribute an annual limit of $19,500 if you’re under 50 or $26,000 the year you turn 50 or older. You may max out your annual limits in both the 403b and the 457b. PSU will automatically stop the deductions once they have reached the IRS limit.

403(b) Plan

Oregon Savings Growth 457(b) Plan


Tax-Deferred Investment 403(b) Plan

The Tax-Deferred Investment 403(b) Plan (TDI) is a supplementary retirement savings plan available to Oregon Public Universities employees. Participants' voluntary salary deferrals allow them to reduce their taxable income through payroll deduction for investment in various funds. Participants have a choice of investments-plus-services programs to suit their individual retirement planning needs.
See the TDI Plan Guide for additional information.

  • Contributions can be made pre-tax or Roth
  • Contributions are between 1%-85% of gross monthly income(minimum 25.00 per month)
  • Participates can start/stop/change contributions each month
  • Deadline for the current pay period is the 10th

Enrollment Steps

1. Complete the online form 403(b) Voluntary Savings Form

  • Change contribution percentage here
  • Stop deduction by indicating "0" amount here

2. Select where you want your money invested. Begin by opening an account with either of the following vendors:


Oregon Savings Growth Plan 457(b) Plan

The Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP) is offered to Oregon public employees by PERS. The Oregon Investment Council manages a selection of investments on behalf of participants in the plan.

See the PERS website for information on how to enroll/increase or decrease contributions in the OSGP.

  • Plan ID: 350001
  • 800-365-8494
  • Plan Code: PSU - 58090

Attend a workshop to learn more.

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans