Understanding Deductions on Your Pay Stub

The following is a list of deduction codes that you may see on your pay stub. To view the deductions from your pay, please login to Banweb. You can also view a sample Pay Stub.

Tax Related | Voluntary Deductions | Union Related | Benefits Related | Retirement Related | Other

Tax Related

  • T17, T18, T19: NRA Federal income tax
  • T7S, T8S, T9S: NRA State income tax
  • TFE: Federal income tax
  • TSF: State Accident Insurance Fund (employer paid)
  • TMA: Medicare, Additional
  • TME: Medicare
  • TSS: Social Security
  • TOT: Oregon Statewide Transit Tax
  • TST: Oregon State income tax
  • TT1: TriMet tax (employer paid)
  • TUI: Unemployment tax (employer paid)
  • TWC: worker's compensation insurance (mandatory deduction for all employees)

Voluntary Deductions

  • DFD: PSU Foundation donation (post-tax)
  • DRC: Campus Rec Center Membership
  • DPF: Parking Fines
  • DPK: Pre-tax parking permit
  • DPP: Pre-tax carpool permit
  • DTC: Pre-tax C-Tran Pass
  • DTP: Pre-tax TriMet Passport
  • DUW: Charitable Fund Drive
  • UFD: Association of Oregon Faculties Dues


Deduction Code




AAUP associate

1.164% of gross


AAUP dues

1.164% of gross


AFT dues

  • if gross earnings are $550 or less/mo, then dues = $23.00
  • if more than $550/mo, then dues = $28.00


AFT associate




6% of gross


IATSE Health & Welfare Fund

employer paid


SEIU life insurance



SEIU legal plan


U2B, U2C, U2D

SEIU political contributions



SEIU associate



SEIU dues

1.7% of gross or $5 minimum





SEIU Assessment

  • Part-time = $1.38/mo
  • Full-time = $2.75/mo





GEU associate

2% of gross


GEU dues

2% of gross

Benefits Related (more information about Benefits)

  • CL1-3: life insurance, employee
  • L02-3: life insurance - spouse, domestic partner or dependents
  • LAE, LAF: Accident and Disability insurance
  • LCE, LCS: Long-term care insurance
  • LMM: Minnesota Mutual insurance
  • LST: Short-term disability
  • LTD: Long-term disability
  • MEC: most commonly this is used for part-time employees who are going "out-of-pocket" on their basic benefits
  • Medical:
    • Kaiser = PMK,PML, PME,PMF
    • PEBB Statewide = PMV or PMW
    • Providence PPO = PMT or PMU
      • If you have a PEBB Statewide or Providence PPO, then you will also see PVP (vision plan)
  • Dental
    • Kaiser = PDK or PDJ
    • ODS = PDT or PDP or PDL
    • Willamette = PDW
  • PSA: employer contribution
  • PST: employer paid subsidy for part-time employers w\benefits
  • POB or POO: plan opt-out
  • P5P: 5% employee premium contribution
  • P40:Employer paid subsidy

Retirement Related (more information about Retirement Benefits)

AFT Union represented employees self-fund the first 6% of their retirement plan. For all other employees the university pays the first 6% on their behalf. The employer contribution amount is a percentage that varies based on your plan and tier. The employer matching contribution does not show on your pay stub.

  • R1O, R2O, R3O, R7O, R8O, R9O: FIDELITY
  • R1T, R2T, R3T, R7T, R8T, R9T: ORP—TIAA-CREF
  • R1V, R2V, R3V, R7V, R8V, R9V: ORP—VALIC
  • R00, R01, R03, R06, R07, R08, R09, RDR: PERS
  • TDI (Tax Deferred Investments) are self-funded, optional, pre-tax and or Roth retirement deductions:S1T, S2T, S3T, S4T, S5T, S1V, S2V,S1O, S2O, S3O


  • MG1-9, MGA: Writs, garnishments and administrative fees for processing a writ or garnishment.