Position Types

At PSU our employees are categorized by position type to reflect status in reference to the applicable collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Employees that are included in one of the CBAs are represented. There are also those that have unrepresented status or excluded status. Because the terms referring to employee type are used extensively in our environment, this page is an aid to understanding how to know what employee type your position reflects. After reviewing the following definitions for positions, if you remain unsure of your position type you may send an email to askhrc@pdx.edu for assistance.

Classified Positions

These positions are represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503, OPEU. The positions generally include those found in office support, technical support, campus safety, trades and maintenance. For a full listing of job titles that are considered classified refer to the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement. Positions that are .50 Full Time Equivalency (FTE) and above are benefits-eligible.

Positions Represented by International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) include: Stage Carpenters, Stage Electricians, Flymen, Riggers, Stage and Production Truckloaders, Wardrobe Employees, Dressers and Stagehand Employees employed to work on stage productions presented in Portland State University's Lincoln Performance Hall (Lincoln Hall 175).

Unclassified Positions

These positions fall into several different categories as there are represented, unrepresented, and excluded positions in this group.

Faculty and Academic Professionals:
These are positions at .50 FTE or above in one of the following appointments:

  • Fixed term or tenure related with duties in teaching, conducting research or providing public service, or
  • Fixed term only and placed in job families such as Advisor/Counselor, Program Administrator, Instructional Specialist or Education Technology Specialist.

The positions are represented by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). For a full list of job titles and job families that are considered Faculty or Academic Professional, refer to the AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Adjunct Faculty:
These are our part-time faculty who bring specific expertise in teaching at the University at a .49 or less FTE. Terms of appointment may be for a single term or in some cases, may extend to a multiple term contract. The University relies on this talented workforce to supplement the full-time teaching staff in meeting teaching, research, or service commitments. These positions are represented by the PSU American Federation of Teachers (PSUFA-AFT) and are not benefits eligible. For a full listing of job titles that are considered Adjunct Faculty, refer to the PSUFA-AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Unclassified and Unrepresented:
These are positions at .50 FTE or above, including professional academic or staff positions that are not ranked or tenured and are not represented by a collective bargaining agreement. Positions in this group include unrepresented administrative staff who are employed under non-represented units: President's office, Finance and Administration, and Athletics.

Unclassified and Excluded:
These positions include professional staff in academic areas of the University who are excluded from the collective bargaining unit due to managerial, confidential or supervisory duties under the following criteria:

  1. They manage two or more .50 FTE employees,
  2. They are involved in bargaining negotiations,
  3. They manage an entire program.

Other Positions

In addition to our Classified and Unclassified employee types, the University has a large commitment to providing student employment opportunities and fulfilling temporary workforce needs caused by short-term operational activities. These positions include:

Temporary and Wage Agreement
In both classified and unclassified areas we have short-term needs for employees who can aid by filling in during a recruitment effort, an employee's leave of absence, assisting in short-term projects or workflow increases, or other University needs. Some of these positions reflect job titles found in our SEIU contracts and are referred to as temporary classified. All other short-term positions with unclassified job duties are paid in contracts called Wage Agreements.

Graduate Assistant
These non- benefited positions require Graduate Admission status, the maintenance of term and cumulative GPAs of 3.00 or higher in a graduate degree program at PSU, and satisfactory completion of a minimum of nine graduate credits each term the assistantship is in effect with the exception of Summer Term. For additional information, see the Graduate Studies and Research website.

Student (Work-Study and Regular Wage)
These positions require undergraduate enrollment in at least 6 credit hours or graduate enrollment in at least 5 credit hours. A Work-Study Student position is funded primarily through a work-study award through the Office of Financial Aid received by the student. The University offers many positions of this type throughout the campus. In addition, Student Regular Wage positions may be available based upon the University needs and within budgetary constraints.

Volunteer/Affiliated Service

Volunteer/Affiliated Service is anyone providing non-remunerative service to Portland State University (e.g., visiting scholars/courtesy faculty); or who is affiliated with PSU (e.g., Foundation, some contractors) and require PSU services (Library, OIT, etc.).  Each authorized volunteer must complete the "PSU Authorized Volunteer/PSU Affiliated Service" form.  The requesting department assumes liability for the volunteer/affiliate.  All forms expire June 30th.  A new form must be completed each year for (1) volunteer service that continues into the next fiscal year; (2) when volunteering for a different activity; or (3) when volunteer duties change. The form needs to remain in the department where the volunteer duties are being performed, with a copy to the Office of Human Resources.  PSU ODIN account requests will be in accordance with OIT policy and practice.  PSU ID requests will be in accordance with ID Services policy and practice.