Undergraduate Certificate Program Transformative Messaging

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Transformative Messaging Certificate Overview

PSU's Certificate in Transformative Messaging meets the civic and cultural demands of today's society, where messaging is key to advancing community organizing, policy advocacy, cross-cultural dialogue, coalition building, and social change efforts. 

Our program equips you with the theoretical grounding and practical training needed to navigate this critical area of social and political life. You'll be challenged to connect knowledge of human group dynamics, communication theory, social movement history, media, and psychology in a way that prepares you to engage in an active and informed manner with the world around you.

This certificate can help prepare you for work as a conflict manager, activist, communication specialist, or any number of jobs as you learn how to apply conflict resolution to real-life situations, from writing and speaking to facilitating groups and supporting social action.

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Transformative Messaging Certificate: Why PSU?

At the heart of transformative messaging is human connection, the inevitability of conflict, and the necessity of transforming and resolving conflict. PSU's Conflict Resolution program prepares students to transform conflict for the achievement of peace and social justice in both small groups and at the community level.

Through your courses, you'll gain communication and conflict resolution skills that are increasingly needed in today's world: de-escalation, calling-in, empathic listening, and grounded theory.

You'll be taught by faculty who are experts in areas that touch social justice, the politics of language, and the challenges and opportunities of social media and technology.

With the Certificate in Transformative Messaging, you'll build a foundation in nonviolent human interaction that'll help you develop your voice in the world and prepare you for work in community engagement.

What can I do with a certificate in Transformative Messaging?

You can pair this certificate with a variety of majors, including conflict resolution, psychology, communication, English, marketing, and graphic design. The skills and knowledge you gain will enhance your work in a number of fields, whether you go on to become a communication specialist, human resource manager, social worker, educator, activist, journalist, ombud, or a family and victim advocate.

Featured Courses

  • CR 101 Nonviolent Interaction
  • CR 102 Social Movement Messaging

Featured Electives

  • COMM 220 Public Speaking
  • COMM 319 Social Media
  • COMM 314U Persuasion
  • CR 306U Nonviolence in History and Campaigns
  • CR 303U Consensus Building
  • WR 228 Media Writing
  • ENG 490 Advanced Topics in Rhetoric
  • PSY 343 Social Psychology
  • PSY 426 Stigma and Social Inequality

Meet Professor Tom Hastings

Tom Hastings brings decades of experience in peace journalism and nonviolent activism and security to his classes. He is a nonviolent peace, justice and environmental activist, and has led nonviolence training for more than 35 years across the U.S. He is co-founder of the Portland Peace Team and founding director of PeaceVoice, a program of the Oregon Peace Institute.


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