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Transportation Graduate Certificate Overview

Increasingly, transportation professionals need multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills to anticipate social, environmental, and technological trends and incorporate them into intelligently-integrated transportation systems. The Graduate Certificate in Transportation will offer you advanced education at the intersection of urban planning and civil engineering for those seeking to build upon their knowledge and credentials to move people and goods safely.

Students in the program can choose among a wide range of relevant courses in transportation planning and engineering to develop their analytical, practical, and problem-solving skills. With your Certificate, you’ll leave prepared to guide progressive, forward-thinking initiatives in your urban setting.

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Transportation Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

Our program is set in the heart of Portland, a city that looks to the future of integrated transportation and land-use planning. Portland is our research lab, offering world-class biking, transit design and operations, and a commitment to safety for all road users.

You will take courses under the guidance of the world’s foremost transportation research faculty at PSU - from both the (CUPA) Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning as well as the department of (MCECS) Civil & Environmental Engineering.

In many courses, students work on real projects with partners in our community—the organizations helping to make our transportation system work for all users. These partnerships lead to internships and rewarding careers after graduation. Wherever you see transportation innovations in urban centers, you’ll find PSU students and alumni.

What can I do with a graduate certificate in Transportation?

The Certificate is designed for established transportation professionals who want to build their skills, and also for those seeking to build technical and analytical knowledge to enter the fascinating and multidisciplinary field of transportation.

Alumni of the certificate program have used their advanced knowledge to advance their careers in urban planning, architecture, or civil engineering.

Featured Courses

  • USP 556 Urban Transportation: Problems and Policies
  • USP 544 Urban Transportation Planning
  • USP 570 Transportation and Land Use

Featured Electives

  • USP 537 Economics of Urban Transportation
  • USP 543 Geographic Applications in Planning
  • USP 548 Public Transportation Policy
  • USP 565 Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning
  • USP 587 Travel Demand Modeling
  • USP 591 Geographic Information Systems I
  • USP 593 Advanced GIS Applications CE 550 Transportation Safety Analysis
  • CE 553 Freight Transportation and Logistics
  • CE 555 Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • CE 556 Traffic Engineering
  • CE 558 Public Transportation Systems
  • CE 559 Transportation Operations
  • CE 563 Transportation & Logistics Modeling & Optimization
  • CE/USP 514 Transportation Seminar


Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).