ESOL Endorsement Program

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The ESOL Endorsement Program prepares teachers to succeed in today’s linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms. While the program is designed for teachers to add the endorsement to an existing license, other education professionals and paraprofessionals, including school administrators, counselors, school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, and instructional assistants, can benefit from the content of the courses.

ESOL courses can be used:

  • Toward an ESOL endorsement
  • As electives in a master’s program
  • To enrich your own knowledge of culture, language and diversity

ESOL courses are:

  • Aligned with Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) and ESOL standards

Students in the ESOL endorsement program:

  • Gain a greater understanding of how diversity affects the teaching and learning process
  • Identify and appreciate cultural and linguistic factors affecting student adjustment, development, and learning
  • Develop strategies for assessment, curriculum development, and instruction to help all students learn
  • Understand other cultures' orientations to education and school, and how to foster better relationships with students, their families, and their communities

Teachers must successfully complete the program of study, complete a supervised practicum and pass the ESOL ORELA exam in order to add the ESOL/Bilingual endorsement to their existing teaching license.


The ESOL program at Portland State University meets the Oregon State educational requirements for licensure or certification in Oregon.

Because licensure requirements vary from state to state, Portland State University is unable to determine if the academic training meets requirements for states other than Oregon. Program participants who are interested in working professionally outside of Oregon should visit the state licensing web page for the specific state in which they hope to practice.

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