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Undergraduate Major: Supply & Logistics Management

If you want to be where all the action takes place, supply and logistics is the business concentration for you! You can be a part of a global enterprise that brings the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer, creating a supply chain that begins with sourcing raw materials and ends with producing and delivering the final product or service to the consumer. 

Due to its wide scope, supply chain management addresses complex interdependencies, creating an extended enterprise that reaches far beyond the factory door. From business forecasting to marketing management, students in this program will gain a comprehensive understanding of this enterprise, and be prepared to seek innovative and ethical solutions to solve any business problem.

Option Requirements

[2011-12 bulletin year*]

A minimum of 21-24 credits as follows:

  • ISQA 429 - Transportation and Logistics Management (4)
  • ISQA 439 - Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (4)
  • ISQA 479 - Integrated Supply and Logistics Management (4)
  • Three elective courses (at least one must be ISQA from below. It’s highly recommended that electives be ISQA):
    • ISQA 430 - Industrial Transportation and Freight (4)
    • ISQA 431 - Transportation Law (4)
    • ISQA 440 – Government Procurement (4)
    • ISQA 449 - Process Control and Improvement (4)
    • ISQA 450 - Project Management (4)
    • ISQA 451 - Business Forecasting (4)
    • ISQA 454 - Supply and Logistics Negotiations (4)
    • ISQA 458 - Purchasing and Logistics within the Food Industry (4)
    • ISQA 459 - Production Planning and Control (4)
    • ISQA 469 - Productivity Analysis (4)
    • ISQA 410 - Selected Topics (3-4)
    • ACTG 360 - Management Accounting (4)
    • MGMT 351 - Human Resource Management (4)
    • MKTG 452 - Business-to-Business Marketing (3)
    • Other electives as approved by Supply and Logistics Faculty

*Links to requirements for other bulletin years are found on the Course Information page.

Course Sequence:  The printable (PDF) version of this information includes prerequisites, a suggested sequence, and identifies the terms these courses are usually offered.

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Faculty & Research

Visit the Quantitative Analysis and Supply & Logistics Management Research webpage to learn more.

Student Group

SLMA provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the supply and logistics field through networking events with local professionals and prepare students for their careers in the field. The SLMA also offers opportunities for students to practice and hone their knowledge and understanding as well as provide knowledge and talent to other student groups and the university.

Career & Internships