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Systems Engineering Fundamentals Graduate Certificate Overview

PSU Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science

The Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering offers you an anywhere, anytime, distance-learning environment: All of the four SYSE courses and elective courses are online. Despite the online nature of the program, students do not lose out on the valuable peer and professor interaction that graduate classes provide.

With our graduate certificate, you will develop your educational plan to fit your interests and goals. Our program is available for practicing professionals who want to apply a master’s degree in Systems Engineering to their areas of interest.

About the Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science

The Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science includes five departments, 84 full-time faculty and more than 3,000 students. We offer academic programs that provide transformative opportunities within the classroom and beyond. If you join our college, you'll be connected to Portland's leading tech companies providing opportunities for internships, mentoring, networking, and long term careers. Our faculty offer research opportunities that allow for collaborative or individual study, culturing creativity and innovation. If you want to push what’s possible, in Portland and far beyond, accelerate your career with a graduate degree from the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science.

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Systems Engineering Fundamentals Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

With our graduate certificate in Systems Engineering, your engineering career will get the reboot it needs. Our fully online program connects you with leading experts in the field at a pace and in an environment that works best for you. Each of your courses are taught by instructors who are recognized around the world and who have many years of experience in teaching online systems engineering courses. You’ll get the push and the support you need to succeed when you graduate.

What can I do with a graduate certificate in Systems Engineering Fundamentals?

Intended for working professionals, graduate-level scholarship prepares creative minds for superior leadership and technical skills. Ours was the first online master’s degree in systems engineering. This program is an engineering certificate in systems engineering built on the four core courses for the master's degree in systems engineering.

Featured Courses

  • SYSE 591 Systems Approach
  • SYSE 573 Requirements Engineering
  • ETM 540 Operations Research
  • SYSC 514 System Dynamics
  • SYSC 527 Discrete System Simulation


  • SYSE 505 Reading and Conference
  • SYSE 506 Special Projects
  • SYSE 561 Logistics Engineering
  • SYSE 567 Systems Engineering Management
  • SYSE 575 Reducing Risk in Decision Making
  • SYSE 590 Integrative Workshop
  • SYSE 595 Hardware-Software Integration


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