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Entrepreneurship Certificate

"MGMT 410 Entrepreneurship with Brenda Eichelberger is one of the most useful courses offered at Portland State University. This class gave me the knowledge, confidence and connections I needed in order to start my own business. I have relied on my notes and connections I gathered throughout this course to help me through countless business decisions. I loved being in a diverse class with entrepreneurial minded individuals...I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in starting their own business."

-Chris Joseph, '12, Co-Founder, Wild Roots Vodka

Worried about getting a job?  How about learning how TO CREATE jobs?

You are in the right place at the right time to learn entrepreneurial thinking. Oregon is the sixth highest favorable ranked state for Entreprenuership (Nebraska-Lincoln 2012), three Portland Start ups were named on the Forbes 2013 list of the Most Promising Companies. Portland was ranked number five as a city of women entrepreneurs by NerdWallet, and for young entrepreneurs (under30CEO).

Start with MGMT 410, Entrepreneurship, offered T/Th 10-noon, spring & fall terms. It is one of the four courses required for the Entrepreneurship Certificate for SBA undergrads. Sign up today and check back with your adviser for more information on the certificate. Create, have fun, and learn the steps to implementing your visions.

This interdisciplinary approach will achieve the following: 

  • Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship: by identifying market needs, conceptualizing approaches to fullfill those needs, researching potential avenues, assessing enduring business models, structuring the venture, raising funding for launch and sustained growth.
  • Guide your own career path: by taking a sequence of courses that will allow you to experience the full process of venture creation. Have access to resources around campus that support entrepreneurship like the Lab2Market summer program.
  • Get connected with the entrepreneurial network at PSU and in Portland: by expanding the your professional network, this will heighten your chances of success. One of the most valuable assets of an entrepreneur is her/his network. Because experienced entrepreneurs will serve as guest speakers and mentors for ventures coming out of this certificate, you will broaden your networks. PSU's Business Accelerator will serve as a resource for supporting the student entrepreneurs and help you network with startups that are looking for interns with the toolset hones through the Certificate.
  • To Contribute to the long-run success of our graduates: whether running their own venture of spearheading "intrapreneurial" initiatives and innovations inside an established organization, our Certificate graduate will be empowered to chart their own career paths.


Earn the certificate with only 16 credit hours.


Required Courses:

MGMT 481/410 - Entrepreneurship

MKTG 338 - Professional Selling

FIN 399 - Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting


Plus One of the Following Courses:

MGMT 409 - Practicum: Small Business Consulting

MGMT/MKTG/FIN 404 - Internship

MKTG 450 - Product Innovation & Management

MKTG 463 - Service Innovation

MGMT 410 - Development Creativity and Innovation in Business


Additionanl Approved Courses:

ISQA 439/539 - Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

ISQA 454 - Supply and Logistics Negotiations

MGMT 428 - Team Processes

MGMT 445 - Organizational Design and Change 

RE 360 - Real Estate Finance I

USP 423 - Real Estate Development and Finance