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Miguel Figliozzi
Miguel Figliozzi

Associate Professor


Miguel Figliozzi believes that technology, research and innovation not only benefits public/private agencies/companies but also enable the optimal use of infrastructure, as well as ensuring environmental quality, livable communities, and economic growth. Figliozzi hopes to push these ideas further and help expand his students' analytical and policy skills in these areas. He was attracted to Portland State University by the unique opportunities to integrate transportation technology and livability research in the Portland region.     

Figliozzi’s publications and research areas include transit and traffic operations, bicycle and pedestrian modes, emissions and air quality modeling, and freight and logistics.  He collaborates with local, state, and federal agencies and enjoys participating in multidisciplinary teams including colleagues and students from Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics. Figliozzi is a member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Network Modeling Committee, Freight and Logistics, and Intermodal Terminal Design Committees; he is also a member of INFORMS Transportation and Logistics Society. More detailed information is available at Figliozzi's webpage.