Undergraduate Business Academic Programs

Choose from seven concentrations, four minors, and six certificate programs that can be combined in a number of ways. With nine professional academic and career advisors on staff, you'll have the support -- and options -- to make your own path.

Undergraduate Business Major Concentrations

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Business Minors

Undergraduate Business Certificates


Undergraduate Business Curriculum

Starting from automatic admission to your capstone course, our business curriculum delivers a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Our four learning pillars are embedded in each business course so you'll graduate having mastered the skills necessary to seamlessly move into your career.

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making: approach problems systematically and use appropriate decision-making tools
  • Sustainability: consider the long-term consequences of business decisions for society and the environment
  • Communication: fully understand and share a business's practices, including the impact of social and environmental sustainability
  • Integrated Learning: synthesize and transfer learning to new and complex business situations within your program of study

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