Supply & Logistics Management

  • Cliff Allen, Ph.D., Dean, Vergil Miller Professor
    Dr. Allen’s major research interests include global outsourcing of Research & Development and design, sustainable practices of reverse logistics and closed loop supply chains. His twenty-seven years’ experience in supply chain and engineering provide the foundation for his research. Dr. Allen is actively involved with the business community and often presents his research in forums such as The American Production and Inventory Control Society. His most recent article was published in the Operations and Supply Chain Management Journal.
  • Scott DuHadway, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Dr. DuHadway’s research is focused on the intersection of organizational behavior with supplier relationship management, buyer-supplier relationships, and relational risk. Specifically, his research explores how organizational behavior affects impact inter-organizational relationships to better understand opportunistic and negative firm behavior in the supply chain context. His research has appeared in journals such as Decision Sciences, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Annals of Operations Research, Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Supply Chain Management, and Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.
  • Dan Krause, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Dr. Krause’s research interests include sustainable supply chain management, sourcing strategy, supplier development, and supply chain complexity. Currently, he is researching the effects of complexity on supply chain performance, counter-productive workplace behavior in service operations, and market and regulatory dynamics affecting the cannabis industry. His published research has appeared in a number of journals including the Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Business Logistics, Decision Sciences Journal, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Operations Management and the International Journal of Production Research.
  • Carlos Mena, Eng. D., Associate Professor, Nike Professorship in Supply Chain Strategy 
    The focus of Dr. Mena’s research is the impact of supply chain management practices on economic, social and environmental performance. He has more than 25 refereed publications to his name including articles in IEEE Transactions in Engineering Management, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Operations and Production Management and International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management. He has also published two books entitled “Leading Procurement Strategy” and “Delivering Performance in Food Supply Chains.” Dr. Mena was awarded the School of Business Researcher of the Year Award in 2019.
  • Mellie Pullman, Ph.D., Professor, Willamette Industries Professor of Supply Chain Management
    Dr. Pullman's major research interests include regional and sustainable food supply chain issues. Currently, she is researching social impact supply chains particularly social enterprises with a food and beverage focus, sustainability competitive dynamics, and the impact of turbulent regulatory environments on cannabis supply chains. She works with many regional sustainability-focused food and beverage producers, distributors, and retailers. In addition to authoring books on Craft Beverage Business Management, Food Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Restaurant Design, and Service Operations, her articles have appeared in multiple journals and periodicals. Theses include the Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Service Research, International Journal of Production Operations Management, Omega, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and many others.
  • David Raffo, Ph.D., Professor
    Dr. Raffo's research interests include Strategic Software and Systems Engineering, Economic Analysis of Engineering Decisions, Business Case Development, Software Process Improvement, Quality Assurance Planning, and Quantitative Process Management. Dr. Raffo has over fifty peer-reviewed publications in the field of software engineering and three U.S. Patents.