Transfer Students

Portland State welcomes more transfer students than any college in Oregon. The Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center is here to help you smoothly transition to PSU and to support you on your path to degree completion. Whether you come to PSU from another institution, or are coming to PSU after a significant break from your education, you belong at PSU!

Know you want to be a business major? You're in. As a transfer student studying business at Portland State, you're considered an admitted business student after you opt-in to the business school once you've been admitted to PSU. Your transfer evaluation will define how classes you have taken elsewhere transfer to PSU and will help you determine which classes you must take to meet PSU requirements.


Once you've been admitted, you are required to attend one of many orientation sessions available for transfer students. PSU holds orientations for entering students throughout the year. As a transfer student, it's important that you attend orientation as soon as possible to ensure your placement in courses.

Course Recommendations for Transfer Students

Transfer students who plan to study business at PSU will need to follow three sets of requirements for the degree:

  1. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Requirements: 28 credits of liberal studies classes generally organized around science and social science classes (Bachelor of Science) or foreign language, arts and letters and social science classes (Bachelor of Arts). Business majors may choose to complete either BS or BA requirements. Many of the pre-business courses will fulfill social science or arts and letters course requirements and can be taken at the community college level. Visit the General University Requirements for more information.
  2. University Studies: A four-year general education sequence that begins with Freshman Inquiry and concludes with the Senior Capstone course. Transfer students begin University Studies coursework depending on the number of credits they transfer into PSU. Visit the University Studies for more information.
  3. Business requirements: Transfer students who have met the prerequisite course requirements can begin the 300 level BA courses. Visit Undergraduate Business Degree Requirements for more information.

Students with a GPA of 3.4 or higher are encouraged to apply to The School of Business Honors Program for deeper academic rigor, professional development workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities. Participation is free.

Transfer Evaluation

The Transfer Evaluation is a document prepared by PSU and sent directly to the student that reflects how coursework taken at other schools has been accepted by PSU. This document is critical for advising. It helps students determine what additional coursework they will need at PSU to fulfill the requirements for a degree. To receive a Transfer Evaluation, you must:

  1. Formally apply to PSU, see PSU Application.
  2. Submit official, sealed transcripts from all previous colleges and universities with the application
  3. In about 3-4 weeks, PSU will send the student his or her transfer evaluation.

A helpful resource for course equivalency information and degree progress reports is Transferology (formerly Log into Transferology to access a web-based advising system intended to assist potential transfer students in reviewing course transferability, equivalency, and applicability to PSU degrees and major programs.

Please note: Any additional coursework taken outside PSU must be officially transferred into PSU via official transcripts. If you lose your transfer evaluation, you can locate it by running a degree audit report on

Course Petitions

Students may request that a transfer course is considered as equivalent to a PSU business requirement through the petition process. Course descriptions and syllabi must accompany the petition and are submitted through the Petition for Transfer Credit link (see below). If you have questions, please contact your advisor if you have questions.

Transfer Guides

In collaboration with local community colleges, PSU created transfer guides to help you navigate the transfer process. These can help you plan which courses to take at the community college and which courses to take at PSU. Visit PSU Admissions to access business major transfer guides. 

Residency Requirements

  • Undergraduate - Transfer students must take 45 of their last 60 credits at PSU to meet PSU residency requirements. In addition, at least 41 of a student's required 82 credits in business must be taken at PSU.
  • Post-Baccalaureate - 45 total credits must be completed at PSU (36 if first degree was from PSU).
  • Post-Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate - At least 30 of the 48 credits required for the certificate and at least 27 credits in accounting must be taken in residence at PSU.