Undergrad Tutoring

Undergraduate Business Programs


The School of Business offers free drop-in tutoring to business students online via Zoom. When in-person classes resume, in-person tutoring in KMC 490 will reopen.

Tutoring is a free service for all PSU students who are seeking tutoring assistance with specific business classes; BA 211, BA 213, BA 303, BA 306, BA 306, ACTG 381, ACTG 382, and FIN 319. Note below, that not all tutors tutor for all classes. Find the tutor for your class, then the time they tutor. Tutoring for BA 306 is done by BA 303 tutors.

  BA 211 BA 213 BA 303 ACTG 381 ACTG 382 FIN 319 BA 325
Patrick X X X X   X  
Panna X X X X X    
Tina X X   X X    
Terrence             X

Tutoring Expectations

  • Come prepared with syllabus, book, worksheets and specific problems. Be sure you have attempted the work before you come. Tutoring is not a substitute for class and tutors will not do your homework for you
  • Remember, tutors do not know everything. They are students who are learning too. You may have to follow-up with your instructor
  • Do not bring any exams or quizzes to tutoring - the tutors cannot help with that work
  • Be prepared to work on homework while you wait
  • Be respectful of the tutors and the others who are learning around you (ie: cell phones, food, talking, noise, etc.)