Student Support Services

The undergraduate business programs office provides wrap-around support services for students in addition to academic and career advising. Examples of the programming include: ATMOS (for students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds), peer mentoring, coaching and tutoring, community building activities, a faculty and professional mentor program, loaner laptop program, and the hardship financial support program.

The following staff members are dedicated to your success in The School of Business. Please reach out to get your questions answered or to schedule an appointment.

Incoming Freshmen, Lower-Division Courses & More

Nathanial Garrod
Assistant Director of Student Success
P: 503-725-3702

Schedule an appointment with Nathanial if you are a Freshman curious about engaging more in The School of Business, better understanding your lower-division business courses, or with other questions about academic access and success. Nathanial also meets with student organization leaders to help with event planning.

Underrepresented students whose first letter of their last name is between A-M

Alex Garfias
Diversity Recruitment and Retention
P: 503-725-2276

Underrepresented students whose first letter of their last name is between N-Z

Evan T. Green
Assistant Director of Diversity & Equity Outreach

Learn about Atmos

Lisa Heinsdale
Diversity Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
Email Lisa at to learn more about the Atmos program that supports diverse and underrepresented minority business students of color.

Executive Director of Undergraduate Programs

Becky Sanchez
P: 503-725-4745
Email Becky at to schedule a meeting to share your feedback about undergraduate business programs.