• Julia Freybote, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Dr. Freybote's research focuses on investor behavior, information environment and asset pricing in the REIT and commercial real estate market. Her work has been published in Real Estate Economics, the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics and the Journal of Real Estate Research. In 2019, she received the William N. Kinnard Scholar Award from the American Real Estate Society (ARES), which recognizes outstanding real estate scholars early in their academic career.
  • Janet Hamilton, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Dr. Hamilton’s research interests focus on issues of applied corporate investment decisions, valuation, and issues in financial education, especially as it relates to the development of critical thinking. She has published across disciplines, including in the Journal of Financial Education, Journal of International Finance, Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Management and Structural Equation Modeling.
  • Qin Lian, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Dr. Lian’s research focuses on corporate finance, especially in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, insider trading, securities class action lawsuit, and corporate governance. She has published papers in the Journal of Law and Economics, Financial Management, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Journal of Banking and Finance, European Journal of Operational Research, and other finance and business journals. Her research papers have received a variety of research awards and distinctions, including 2012 Outstanding Article in Journal of Financial Research, the 2009 EFA Outstanding Paper Award in Corporate Finance, the 2008 SFA Outstanding Paper Award in Corporate Finance, and a 2008 FMA Top-Ten Sessions designation.
  • Piman Limpaphayom, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Dr. Limpaphayom has a wide variety of research interests in corporate finance, risk management and insurance, corporate governance, market microstructure, investments and taxation. His research papers appear in reputable journals such as Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Markets, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Journal of Risk and Insurance. His current research projects focus on global analyst forecasts, CSR in the US and Thailand, risk of insurance firms in Japan, bankruptcy proceedings in Thailand and real estate markets in Japan.

  • Daniel Rogers, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Dr. Rogers has published research in the areas of corporate risk management and derivatives usage, managerial incentives and executive compensation, stock option repricing. His published work includes articles in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Management, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, and Journal of Futures Markets. His Financial Management article on the valuation effects of jet fuel hedging in the airline industry (co-authored with David Carter and Betty Simkins) was a co-winner of the Addison-Wesley Prize in 2006.
  • Jing Zhao, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Dr. Zhao’s research focuses on empirical corporate finance. She is primarily interested in the study of executive compensation and contracts, corporate governance, innovation, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate disclosure. She is also interested in real estate and urban economics research with a focus on how school choice programs impact real estate development and the environment. Here research has appeared in journals such as Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Corporate Finance, and Financial Management, and Real Estate Economics. Her Review of Financial Studies article was awarded the IEFA Best Paper Award.