Funding Your Degree

Scholarships through the PSU Scholarship Application

The School of Business awards over $300,000 in scholarships every year to undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate students across all disciplines. If you have financial need, make sure you submit an application using PSU's online scholarship system before the February 1 deadline. Applications open in October but give yourself plenty of time. The more effort you put in, the more likely you will get a scholarship.

If you have any questions related to your scholarship application or fund disbursal, please email The School of Business Scholarship Coordinator at

How to Apply

Business scholarships are administered through the online system unless otherwise noted. Hard-copy applications are not accepted. Applications open mid-October and close on February 1 the following year. Students fill out one application and the system determines from all possible scholarships which ones are applicable to you. This applies to general PSU scholarships as well as scholarships offered by The School of Business. It is not possible to apply for a specific scholarship. You will be automatically assigned to the pool of scholarships that you are eligible for. 

Who Can Apply

All undergraduate and post-baccalaureate who are admitted or will be admitted to The School of Business by fall term can apply for scholarships for the following academic year. Business scholarships are available to undergraduate students who are studying full-time. Undergraduate scholarship recipients are only permitted to study part-time if they are in their final term before graduation.

Complete Your Application

  1. Visit the scholarship website
  2. Log in and register as a first-time user. Begin filling out either the PSU Continuing/Transfer Student Undergraduate Application or the PSU Graduate Application. First-year students should complete the PSU Incoming Freshman Application.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the application by answering basic demographic questions first. Save your answers after each page to avoid losing your work.
  4. Write your essays in a word document and copy to the application once they are complete. This will allow you to edit your answers without the risk of the system timing out.
  5. Send a friendly reminder to your references if they have not submitted their letter of recommendation by mid-January. No extensions to the deadline can be given for the application or recommendations.
  6. Make sure you press the submit button at the end of the application. Only submitted applications will be considered for a scholarship. Once you have pressed the submit button, you cannot change your answers.

Application Tips

The key to getting a scholarship is early preparation. There are a number of materials you need to provide and a number of essays you need to write so the sooner you start, the better. 

  • Transcript: You must attach a transcript to your application. Some departments at PSU do not require it but it is mandatory for students if they want to be considered for business scholarships.
  • Economic statement: This is an optional essay in the “Financial Information” section but we highly recommend you complete it. This is the best opportunity you have to highlight your financial need and economic situation. 
  • Letters of recommendation: Provide the names of two references and it is best if at least one of them is a faculty member, especially if you are a current PSU student. Choose an employer or mentor rather than a family member or friend if possible.
  • Other essays: The application is long and it can be tempting to skip essays to save time but the more you complete, the better chance you have. If the application is asking you to write an essay, it is because there is a scholarship available that is directly related to it. Take the time to answer and make it meaningful by using specific examples. Pay particular attention to the essays in the “School of Business” section.

When You Will Be Notified

In The School of Business, most scholarships are awarded mid-April following the February deadline, although a few scholarships are awarded on a different timeline. All departments across PSU use the applications in the online system to make decisions so you may be awarded with a scholarship from outside The School of Business. Recipients are usually notified by email to their pdx student account. Make sure you follow all the specific instructions in the email. 

Most successful recipients across PSU are notified by the end of May. In The School of Business, we try to notify unsuccessful applicants by mid-May. If you have not received any notification by June, you should assume that your application was not successful and consider your other financial aid options. You should consider applying for external scholarships (see bottom of this page) offered outside of PSU and The School of Business. Students can find additional financing information through the Office of Financial Aid.

Center for Retail Leadership Scholarships

The Center for Retail Leadership offers scholarships to students pursuing the Athletic & Outdoor Industry CertificateFood, Beverage & Goods Leadership Certificate; and Pre-Baccalaureate Consumer Retail Certificate. Scholarships support student success and are awarded each year based on merit and need. Visit the Center for Retail Leadership scholarship page for scholarship information and application processes.

Financial and Hardship Resources for PSU Students

Offering students the resources to help overcome financial and hardship struggles while working towards graduation.

The School of Business Student Success Support

The School of Business has a range of resources for students experiencing hardship in their time at Portland State. These resources include loaner laptops, a small textbook library, some online textbook codes, and, in limited capacity, tuition remissions or hardship scholarships.

Financial Wellness Center

Through education, awareness and mentoring, the Financial Wellness Center is designed to give all students the tools and resources needed to empower them to make healthy financial decisions.

Food Pantry

The collaborative mission of the PSU Food Pantry is to be of service to currently enrolled Portland State University students, by providing a free resource, a sharing community, and a welcoming, inclusive, dignified environment to acquire food items on a regular basis.

Harvest Share/Free Food Market

The FREE FOOD MARKET is a partnership between the CISFS and the Oregon Food Bank that brings FREE fresh fruits, vegetables, and other food items to PSU students and the greater PSU community. This partnership is an effort to increase student access to healthy food options and to reduce student food insecurity.

International Student Economic Hardship Work Authorization

You may be eligible for Economic Hardship Work Authorization if you have experienced a severe and unforeseen change in your economic situation. Contact International Student Services for more information.

Services for Students with Children Emergency Loan

The Ron Ronacher Emergency Loan provides zero-interest emergency loans to students with dependent children experiencing financial hardship once per term.

SNAP Enrollment Assistance 

SNAP is a federal and state-funded program providing food benefits to eligible, low-income individuals and families. Special criteria exist for students of higher education.

External Scholarships

The following scholarships are available outside of PSU and The School of Business. Although we have done our best to verify the authenticity of these scholarships, we do not award them and we, therefore, cannot provide 100% assurance of their validity. Do your own research to avoid scams