Become a Freshman Business Student

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Freshmen at Portland State University PSU School of Business in OregonKnow you want to be a business major? Freshmen studying business at Portland State are considered admitted business students from the very beginning. Opt-in to the business major. After attending orientation, you will have exclusive access to events, advising, and student organizations in the School of Business. Your freshmen and sophomore years are spent fulfilling general education requirements and meeting prerequisite course requirements for upper-division business courses.

Peer Mentor Program

The program is an opportunity for incoming first-year students to develop and build relationships with continuing students that have distinguished themselves in the SBA. It is also an opportunity to build connections, network with classmates and gain skills that will be helpful in navigating the college experience and searching for a job straight out of college. Visit the Peer Mentor Program webpage to learn more.


PSU holds orientations for entering students throughout the year. Once you've been admitted, it's important that you attend orientation as soon as possible to ensure your placement in courses. Visit the Orientation website to learn more.

Course Recommendations for Freshmen

Freshmen who plan to study business at Portland State will need to follow three sets of requirements for the degree:

  1. University Studies - A four-year general education sequence that begins with Freshman Inquiry and concludes with the Senior Capstone course. Freshmen business students take Freshman Inquiry for three terms of the freshman year. Visit the University Studies page for more information.
  2. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Requirements - 28 credits of liberal studies classes generally organized around science and social science classes (Bachelor of Science) or foreign language, arts and letters and social science classes (Bachelor of Arts). Business majors may choose to complete either BS or BA requirements. Many of the pre-business courses will fulfill social science or arts and letters course requirements and should be taken during the freshman or sophomore years. Visit the General University Requirements website for more information.
  3. Business Requirements - Business requirements start with a set of lower-division coursework, followed by a set of core coursework and your concentration requirements, concluding with the Business Capstone. Click here for details about the business portion of your bachelor's degree.