Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and concerns people have about their benefits. Use the links below to quickly navigate to the answers and information.

Marriage, divorce, birth/adoption, loss coverage, etc.

If you've recently experienced a change in your family or work status you can submit a Midyear Change Form which will allow you to add or remove an individual from your coverage, or change your current plan enrollments.
Qualifying midyear events:

  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Birth/Adoption
  • Death
  • Termination of domestic partnership (requires an additional form)
  • Dependent gains/losses coverage
  • Employment change from PT to FT - or - FT to PT
  • Still within the first 30 days of eligibility
  • Met requirements for domestic partnership requires an additional form

*The coverage effective date is the first of the month following the later of the agency's receipt of all required appropriate forms and actual event date.
**Midyear change form must be received within 30 days of the event or you'll need to complete an appeal form.

I have not received my medical cards.

  1. Medical cards and Dental cards are mailed out 5-7 business days from enrollment date.
  2. VSP does not have provider cards. Employees use their PEBB ID number which can be found through Banweb:
    • Banweb → Employee Services → Benefits and Deductions → Health Benefits

If you do not receive your medical cards, please contact your provider.

How do I read the benefit deductions on my paystub?

Benefit deductions can be viewed on each of your paystubs. Our payroll department has a guide on how to read your pay stub. Please see section 5.

PEBB $40 premium Subsidy, Pre-Tax (P40) Subsidy Classified Staff receive.
PEBB 5% Employee Cost Share, Pre-Tax (P5P) Employee cost-share for benefits.

Full-time benefits (Employer contribution is pro-rated for Classified part-time)
      PEBB Basic Life $5,000 (CL1)
      +PEBB Dental
      +PEBB Medical
      +PEBB Vision                        
      =Employer Contribution 

      P5P or P3P (employee's cost share)


           1.00        PEBB Basic Life $5,000 (CL1)    
       154.00        POO Opt-Out      
      -387.05        PSA Employer Contribution
            -.05        P5P (cost share for basic life)
     $233.00        Cash Back (amount is prorated for Classified part-time)

I just stopped/started using tobacco.

If you, or your partner/spouse, have recently stopped or started using tobacco you will need to complete and submit a Tobacco-Use Midyear Change Form.

I just changed from Full-time to Part-time, or vice versa.

An Unclassified staff who works at least .5 FTE will have full-time coverage and does not need to make changes as long as they continue to be .5 FTE. If they fall under .5 FTE, benefits will end.

Classified full-time benefits-eligible employee, meaning you work between .75 FTE and 1.0 FTE, and switch to part-time Classified benefits-eligible employee, meaning you work between .5 FTE and .74 FTE, review the information regarding benefits and cost.

Classified part-time benefits-eligible employees who switch to full-time benefits-eligible must enroll in a full-time plan.

  1. Review Part-Time vs. Full-Time Coverage
  2. Review Part-Time vs. Full-Time Cost

To make changes to your benefits complete a Midyear Change Form.

You have within 30 days from the classification change to submit a midyear change form. Changes are effective the following month.

*Part-Time employees may have Full- or Part-Time benefits. Part-time employees may come out of pocket significantly for full-time coverage.
*Full-Time employees are unable to have Part-Time benefits.

How do I add a domestic partner?

If you need to add your domestic partner to your coverage you must complete and submit a Midyear Change Form.

If you do not have a registered certificate of domestic partnership then you must also complete and attach a PEBB Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.

If you are establishing this domestic partner for the first time then they are eligible to have a guaranteed 20,000 of life insurance without completing a health history form. This is listed on the midyear change form.

For more information on adding a domestic partner, see the Domestic Partner FAQ.

You can also view the deduction estimator to determine the premium cost of adding a dependent.

I had a recent life change and need to change my Flexible Spending Account

If you need to make changes to your healthcare or dependent care FSA due to a qualified life change you must complete and submit an FSA Midyear Change Form.

  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Birth/Adoption
  • Dependent gains/losses coverage
  • Employment change from PT to FT or FT to PT

I'm traveling out of the country and need travel assistance

The PEBB website includes information about travel assistance.

Refer to this informational guide on travel assistance to answer any questions you may have.

For plan coverage details while traveling please contact your plan administrator.

Commuter accounts (not the same as the PSU pre-tax parking or Trimet pass)

Portland State’s pre-tax Trimet and parking passes are not eligible for the commuter account program.

For a summary of the Commuter, Account program visit our Commuter Account page.

For more detailed information regarding Commuter, Accounts see PEBB's webpage on commuter accounts.