Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and concerns people have about their benefits. Use the links below to quickly navigate to the answers and information.

I cannot get into Banweb.

Make sure you are using your correct login information. Try resetting your password. If you are still not able to login please contact the OIT Help Desk at (503)725-4357 for password reset assistance.

Why don’t wages, tips and other compensation in Box 1 match the year-to-date gross on my pay stub?

Wages in box 1 of your W2 reflect taxable wages only. The amount in box 1 is reduced by​ any pre-tax contributions to programs such as:

  • Pre-tax, employee-paid retirement system deductions such as:
    • Tax-Deferred Investment Plan (TDI) (403(b))
    • Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP) (457(b))
  • Medical insurance cost share (PEBB Employee-paid amounts)
  • Parking and transit pass

The amount in box 1 is increased by:

  • Taxable reimbursements such as:
    • same-day meal reimbursements and
    • taxable moving expenses
  • Taxable fringe benefits including:
    • Domestic Partner insurance
      • Some staff fee tuition discounts

Where can I see information on tax deferred or pre-tax deductions?

Refer to the instructions on the back of the W-2 (Notice to Employee/Copy C) for codes. Box 10 shows dependent care deductions. Box 12 includes retirement contributions.

You can also find a summary for the tax year of your other payroll deductions in Banweb (Employee Services > Pay Information > Deductions History).

Why don’t my wages in Box 1 match the Social Security wages in Box 3?

There are a couple of reasons why W-2 Box 1 may not match Box 3. Common reasons include:

  • Some pretax deductions are exempt from FICA (Social Security and Medicare), but not all. For example, tax deferred investments (TDIs) and self-paid retirement deductions are subject to Social Security and Medicare (FICA) tax. The amount in Box 3 includes deferred compensation and retirement-related pretax deductions; the amount in Box 1 does not.
  • Alternatively, your Social Security and Medicare (FICA) wages may be less than your Federal and State wages if you were eligible for a FICA exemption as a nonresident international employee, or if you were eligible for a FICA waiver as a student employee based on your course load. See more information under Payroll Deductions.

If I want to adjust my withholding rates for next year, what do I do?

Log in to Banweb, select the Employee Services tab, and in Payroll Tax Form, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. Please note​: To change both federal and state you must update both separately.

How do I know how many allowances I can claim?

HR and PSU cannot tell you how many allowances to claim. In general, increasing the number of allowances decreases the amount of withholding, decreasing the number of allowances increases the amount of withholding and the Single option withholds at a higher rate than the Married option.

The IRS provides a calculator that can help you determine the correct number of allowances: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/irs-withholding-calculator. If you need more guidance, please download IRS Publication 505, "Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax" or visit your tax accountant.

When can I expect my W2?

W2s will be available in Banweb a few days before W2s are mailed. Paper W2s will be mailed no later than January 31st.

Can I choose not to receive a paper W2?

Yes! PSU offers a safe and secure electronic W2 through Banweb. No need to worry about your confidential information and Social Security Number getting lost or stolen. Simply log in to Banweb (Employee Services > Payroll Tax Forms > Electronic W2 Consent) to enroll.

I did not receive my W2; What should I do?

Go to Banweb (Employee Services > Payroll Tax Forms > W2 Wage and Tax Statement) to print one. If needed, you can print an “official” form for attachment to your tax filings.

If I am a former employee do I still have access to Banweb?

Yes! Log in as usual, the new single sign on knows who are current employees and who are former employees. If you have problems getting in please call the OIT Help desk at: 503-725-4357.

What if I do not remember my password to Banweb?

You will have the option to reset your password. Please click on the “Forgot Password” box and you will be prompted on how to reset your password.

Am I going to receive a 1042S?

1042S Forms are only issued to international employees and only if you received a benefit from your country’s treaty with the U.S. If you are in this situation, HR will mail this form to you by February 28, 2019.

What office do I contact for information and questions about my 1098T, 1099 Misc or 1042S tax forms?

  • 1098T Forms – Student Financial Services 503-725-3440
  • 1099 Misc Forms – Campus Accounting Services 503-725-8950
  • 1042S Forms – Human Resources (mailed to qualifying employees by Feb. 28, 2019)
  • 1095C Forms – PEBB (mailed to qualifying employees by Jan. 31, 2019)

What is ORSTTW in box 14?

The Oregon Department of Revenue requires employers to show the Oregon State Transit Tax Withholding, new in 2018, in the memo box 14. The code "ORSTTW" designates the Oregon State Transit Tax Withholding. This is a component of your total state taxes paid for the year, but not part of your income tax withholding.


My question isn't answered here!

Please contact the payroll team at payroll@pdx.edu or 503-725-4926 and you will be directed to an available team member for assistance.


Revised 1/18/2019