Academic Professional & Unclassified/Unranked Classification-Compensation Study

Why is this study being done?

  • Consistency is at the heart of fairness. Additionally, this is one of University's top priorities. 
  • To bring consistency to the process of deciding pay and position titles for PSU employees, ensuring internal equity.
  • To review how PSU compensation compares to the external market.
  • To comply with AAUP 2015/2016 negotiations requesting a review of the Academic Professionals compensation systems. 
  • To create PSU's compensation system for Unrepresented/Unranked employees.

What will this study do?

  • Create a set of job families, job levels, and pay ranges that include all Academic Professionals & Unrepresented/Unranked jobs.
  • Create consistent titles for jobs across departments. 
  • Create system for rewarding performance, while recognizing expertise and experience. 
  • Assist with employee recruitment and retention by creating career pathways, addressing internal equity, and considering the external market. 
  • Create a compensation philosophy for PSU in order to guide initiatives around employee pay and total compensation. 

How will the changes happen? (This will apply to Un/Un positions. For APs, the changes may be determined through the collective bargaining process)

  • Each existing Un/Un job will be placed in a family, at a level, with an established pay range. Any new job that is created will fall into a family and established pay range. 
  • Changes to pay may occur incrementally, if it is determined that an Un/Un employee's current pay is lower than the established range for their position. 
  • Current Un/Un employees' pay will NOT be decreased if it is determined that their current pay is higher than the established range. In these cases, pay increases may be limited as long as they are doing a job within that pay range.
  • When Un/Un vacant positions are refilled, pay offers will fall within the established range for that position.

Who has been involved & who will this impact?

  • PSU Advisory Committee has been working with an outside consultant, Sibson Consulting, since Summer 2016 to conduct this study.
  • As of 2017, there are approximately 450 Unrepresented/Unranked and 350 Academic Professionals at PSU. All of these positions with fall into the newly established job families.

When will these changes take place?

  • Job Groupings (families) were created in late 2017.
  • Job Leveling Guide was created in late 2017.
  • Title conventions to be completed mid-2018.
  • Positions will be placed in groupings (families) in 2018.
  • Pay ranges for job families will be announced in 2018, dependent on collective bargaining and consultant recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions