Talk to an Admissions Advisor

We are here to provide you with everything you need to make a sound decision and move toward your next career chapter: deeper insights into each program, valuable resources and tools, and personal support as you evaluate your options. Please don’t hesitate to request a time for a one-on-one conversation, or email them with any questions. Schedule an appointment with Abby, Angela or Laura by clicking one of the links below based on your area of interest.

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Talk to a Current Student

Through our Ambassador Portal, you can connect with several students in our current cohort of future business leaders who share your drive to elevate their career and to leverage it as a force for positive impact. 

Access the Ambassador Portal through the link below and see whose background, career path, and/or goals interest you. All of our student ambassadors have volunteered to be a resource for you so don’t hesitate to ask them your most pressing questions, some of which can include: 

  • What inspired them to pursue their graduate business degree at Portland State
  • What they appreciate most about the program so far
  • What they’ve found challenging or unexpected
  • How the program fits into their personal and professional lives

ASK A Student Ambassador