Graduate Business Career Management

Take advantage of invaluable support, connections, programs and tools to propel you toward your career goals.


Career Goals  

There a many excellent reasons for earning a graduate degree. Maybe you are a Career Advancer looking to move up within your existing organization. Or possibly you are here as a Career Changer who seeks to transition to a new type of job or to start your own business. You may be a Career Relauncher who worked in the past and now would like to re-enter the workforce (or return to corporate work) after taking a break. Perhaps you are a Career Explorer who seeks clarity about what professional direction will best use your skills and interests.

Combining their own determination with support from our career services team, our students have accomplished each one of these goals, often beyond what they initially imagined possible.

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Career Programs & Tools  

What we hear most often when we ask graduates what surprised them about their experience at Portland State’s School of Business is the quality of our career services.

From co-creating comprehensive career action plans to mentoring from industry leaders and events that deliver tangible skills and insights, you will find what you need to confidently and successfully move your career to the next level.