Graduate Business Career Management

Take advantage of invaluable support, connections, programs, resources, and tools to propel you toward your career goals.


Career Goals  

There are many excellent reasons for earning a graduate degree, but the positive impact it can have on your career opportunities is the most important for many students. Maybe you are a Career Accelerator planning to move up within your existing organization or career track. Possibly you are here as a Career Changer who seeks to transition to a new type of work or to start your own business. Perhaps you are a Career Explorer who seeks clarity about what professional direction will best suit your skills and interests.

Career Programs & Tools  

What we hear most often when we ask graduates what surprised them about their experience at Portland State’s School of Business is the quality of our career services. From co-creating comprehensive career action plans to mentor from industry leaders and events that deliver tangible skills and insights, you will find what you need to confidently and successfully move your career to the next level. 

Job Skills & Interview Prep

Skill Building Opportunities

Here are a few activities you can do while a student at PSU to bolster your skills and expand your experiences.

Career Management Resources

Explore a wealth of PSU-specific career resources accumulated over the years to help with resume, cover letter, and previously-recorded workshops. 

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Workshops

Workshops will be offered throughout the year focused on these three anchor elements of career management. Attend one of these workshops before seeking out one-on-one help with any of these items. Check the calendar for upcoming events.*

One-on-One Career Advising

Meet with a member of the team to fine-tune your resume or cover letter or explore Career Design activities to better focus your career goals.

Career Design Workshop

This core workshop gets you started on the key aspects of a career exploration: identifying and exploring your skills, passions, and goals and matching them to relevant sectors and potential employers. Check the calendar for upcoming events.*

Mock Interviews

Interviewing for jobs can be intimidating and we want you to be as prepared as possible. We offer the opportunity to practice your skills in a few formats, including interviews with a real recruiter, a mock phone interview or a private, one-on-one videotaped interview with your career advisor, so you can review it immediately afterward.

*Link only accessible to current students

Contact us at to explore how we can work together toward your next career chapter.
And RSVP for upcoming career events through Handshake.

Professional Networking

Job & Internship Search

Here are a few resources and events that can help kickstart or refine your job search, from job search coaching to using the PSU job board, Handshake.

Professional Networking Workshop

Learn the skills you need to turn the first interview into a second, how to utilize resources and connections to locate job opportunities, how to prepare for phone, one-on-one, and panel interviews; and how to follow up after an interview. Check the calendar for upcoming events.*

Career Panels & Roundtables

Learn about a variety of fields that may interest you by having small group conversations with professionals working in them. They will share how they got there, take questions from you, and discuss industry trends. Check the calendar for upcoming events.*

Informational Interviews

When you meet with a professional contact you get insight into the nature of their job, an insider's view of their company and their advice. We will teach you to how to secure informational interviews, how to make the most of them, and how to use them to build a broader professional network. Sometimes, we can even make an introduction on your behalf.


The Professional Mentor program matches Graduate Business students with industry professionals for a full-year of engagement and mentorship.

Career Fairs

Held both on and off campus, career fairs provide opportunities to talk one-on-one with recruiters looking to hire our students. In addition to all-PSU career fairs, the School of Business holds two invitation-only career fairs exclusively for business students. Check the calendar for upcoming events.*

On-Campus Recruiting & Company Visits

Employers seeking to increase awareness of their company among business students conduct information sessions on campus. Many of these recruiters have an established relationship with our program and seek to hire our students every year. Company information sessions are a great way to get an insider’s look at a particular company’s culture, its recruiting timeline, the qualities they value most when hiring, and details about the different roles available to you. Many companies also follow these with on-campus interviews. Check the calendar for upcoming events.*