Degree Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Students are granted automatic admission by opting into the School of Business after admission to PSU.

  • Students will need to opt into the School of Business in order to take 200 level BA classes (BA 101, FIN 218 and business minor courses remain open to all students).
    1. BA 205
    2. BA 211
    3. BA 213
  • Students will still need to complete all “pre-business” classes as prerequisites for upper-level business major courses, they are simply no longer admission requirements.

Opt-In To Major

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    Lower Division Business Requirements/Pre-Business Requirements

    Students must complete the prerequisite courses below with a grade of "C-" or better. P/NP grades are not accepted. 

    • BA 101 – Introduction to Business & World Affairs (4)  
    • BA 205 – Business Communications Using Technology (4)
    • BA 211 – Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (4)
    • BA 213 – Decision Making with Accounting Information (4)
    • EC 201, 202 – Principles of Economics (8) (Micro and Macro)
    • STAT 241 - Applied Statistics for Business (4)*
    • COMM 220 – Public Speaking (4) 
    • WR 121 – English Composition (4) OR Freshman Inquiry (UNST 100 level, 5, 5, 5)

      * STAT 243 is an acceptable alternative to STAT 241

    Business Core Courses

    All business majors are required to take all of the following 300 and 400-level core courses with a grade of "C-" or better.

    The 300 and 400-level BA courses are restricted to students who have opted into the School of Business AND have completed their "pre-business" courses (listed above) with a C- or better. BA 495 requires successful completion of all 300-level core courses and Senior or Post-Bac Class Standing (earned 135 credits or more or completed a regionally accredited bachelors degree).

    The business core courses are as follows:

    • BA 301 - Research and Analysis of Business Problems
    • BA 302 - Organizational Behavior
    • BA 303 - Business Finance
    • BA 311 - Marketing Management
    • BA 325 - Competing with Information Technology
    • BA 339 - Operations and Quality Management
    • BA 385 - Business Environment
    • BA 495 - Business Strategy - Senior Capstone

    Undergraduate Business Concentrations

    All business majors must choose one area of concentration. These are also called options.

    The following Course Sequence Sheets includes prerequisites, a suggested sequence, and identifies the terms these courses are usually offered:


    Your degree will consist of a minimum of 82 business credits and 90 non-business credits. You may need to take business or non-business electives to meet these minimum credit requirements.

      Non-Business Requirements

      All business students who are completing their first degree at PSU must complete the following requirements outside of the School of Business.