Business Honors Program

Join the Honors Program, a two-year program at PSU's School of Business (SB), to attend a variety of honors classes, workshops and events that will help polish your business skills. You will have the opportunity to take corse business courses with other honors students and network with SB Deans and business professionals in the Portland area.

Who are SB Honors Students?

SB Honors students come from around the world, represent all facets of business, and make an impact throughout their campus and communities. Click to learn more about SB Honors students and their commitment to business that matters.

Why SB Honors Program?

  • Networking opportunities
  • Improved public speaking, critical thinking, and computer skills through workshops and special events
  • Opportunity to take some core business courses with the cohort of honors students (smaller classes)
  • Official honors designation on the diploma upon completion of program requirements
  • Higher engagement and sense of community with honors peers and service opportunities

GPA Requirements:

  • For admission to the program
    • Minimum 3.25, preference for higher GPAs
  • Upon graduation from PSU
    • 3.5 PSU GPA and 3.5 PSU Business GPA
    • All Business Honors Program students must earn 72 or more graded credits at PSU in order to obtain the honors designation.

View the program brochure for more information

For questions, please contact Tien James, Faculty Director of SB Honors, KMC 530C,


Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2018-2019 academic year.