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Students in The School of Business Honors Program are trailblazers. They’re staunch believers in challenging norms and making their communities a better place. They come from around the world, represent all facets of business and are committed to bold ideas and work that makes an impact.

Each year, we welcome a new cohort of high-performing, dedicated students. As a member of this two-year program, you’ll dive into your core business courses in an intellectually enriching setting where you are free to experience and explore. You’ll network with other honors students and Portland business professionals, give back to the community and polish your business skills through hands-on learning. You’ll leave here ready to chart your own path for success, equipped with a skill set that employers and graduate schools value highly.

The School of Business Honors Program represents a wide array of majors. Success rate is no accident. The program has a 98% graduation rate and a 3.79 average GPA.

Challenge Yourself

Join the two year-long Honors Program at The School of Business and attend a variety of honors classes, workshops, and events that will help polish your business skills. You will have the opportunity to take core business courses with other honors students and network with our deans and business professionals in the Portland area.

The Benefits

Grow into your role as a leader. The Honors Program enables you to: 

  • Attend monthly professional development workshops that offer opportunities for networking, introductions to local business executives and access to advanced business communication content.
  • Choose from a variety of events or design your own service project to meet the required 15 hours of community service per academic year.
  • Improve your public speaking and critical thinking skills through workshops and special events.
  • Build lasting relationships and camaraderie with students in your Honors cohort. 
  • Earn official Honors designation on your diploma upon completion of program requirements.
  • Explore the option to dual enroll if you are part of the University Honors College. Please contact us for more information.

The Courses

Enrich your experience at PSU and deepen your business knowledge while enjoying smaller class sizes in five core courses:

Junior Year

  • BA 301 (H): Research & Analysis Business Problems, Honors Section (fall)
  • BA 311 (H): Marketing Management, Honors Section (winter)
  • BA 385 (H): Business Environment, Honors Section (spring)

Senior Year

  • BA 423 (H): Executive Perspectives on Leadership (fall or spring)
  • BA 495 (H): Business Strategy, Honors Section (spring)

Other Program Requirements

Service Projects

  • 30 hours (15 hours per academic year) service to The School of Business and/or PSU during the two-year program.
  • Choose from a variety of events or design your own service project. Get involved with fundraisers, partnerships and events with PSU resource centers or the local community, and more.

Other Opportunities

Professional Development and Advanced Business Communication Workshops held on the first Friday each month.


Applications are accepted spring and early summer from students who are on track to complete prerequisites and who are entering their junior year the following fall term.

For admission to the program: 

  • Minimum 3.25, preference for higher GPAs
  • Upon graduation from PSU:
  • 3.5 PSU GPA and 3.5 PSU Business GPA
  • All Business Honors Program students must earn 72 or more graded credits at PSU in order to obtain the honors designation

Prerequisite courses

  • BA 101, 205, & 213
  • ECON 201 & 202
  • STAT 241 or 243 

For more information, contact:

Dr. Tien James
Director of The School of Business Honors Program
KMC 530C

Apply to The School of Business Honors Program

Application for Fall 2020 admission is closed.