Lu Tseng


L.P. Douglas Tseng is Professor of Marketing and International Business. Dr. Tseng has a B.B.A. from National Taiwan University and an M.B.A. and Ph.D. from University of Texas. Dr. Tseng teaches marketing research, international business, and Pacific Rim Economies, Trade, and Financial Markets. He has thirty-five refereed publications in the areas of consumer choice modeling, decision making, marketing education, pricing, online marketing and international marketing. He has held offices in several domestic and international professional organizations and serves on the editorial boards of three business journals.

Dr. Tseng has received numerous honors from various academic institutions, domestic and foreign business communities, and governments. He is a frequent keynote speaker to various domestic and international academic and professional conferences and seminars. In addition, he advises various levels of government in several countries and has held several positions in a number of committees and task forces for the city of Portland and West Linn in Oregon.