Pamela Tierney

Associate Dean of Faculty & Research

Dr. Pamela Tierney, Professor of Management, joined the School of Business faculty in 1991. She has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and a B.S. in Accounting and Management from the University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Tierney's research focuses on micro and macro factors that influence the initiation stage of the innovation process in corporate settings. Her research in this area has been published in leading academic journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and the Journal of Management. At PSU, Dr. Tierney teaches courses in organizational management, leadership, and team processes. Dr. Tierney is an active member of the Academy of Management and the editorial board of the Journal of Management.

Dr. Tierney is one of two recipients of the Ames Professorship in the Management of Innovation and Technology. The Ames Professorship was endowed through a generous donation from PSU alumni Gary and Barbara Ames. Gary is former President and CEO of Qwest and MediaOne. The Ames recipients are dedicated to higher education and are leading supporters of PSU's School of Business. The Ames Family Foundation has made several gifts to PSU including the Ames Scholarship Fund.