Center for Retail Leadership

The COVID Pivot

Wednesday, May 19, 4-5:30 p.m.

The title immediately reminds us all of a very dangerous, perhaps extremely personal, pandemic. It also reminds us of the massive disruption to the retail sector it is leaving in its wake. This event will speak directly to the retail and consumer “experience” of the disruption itself. 

Enormous change, especially change on a global scale, brings with it enormous challenges. But, as always, “enormous” opportunity follows. Explore with us the retail disruption, the consumer revolution it started, and the previously unforeseen opportunities it is creating. 

Hear from expert retail “responders” how the need for an immediate “pivot” and their proactive response allowed many businesses to survive, even prosper, and others to fail. Explore with us the consumer pivot, from their “where I shop and how I shop” revolution, to their “what am I shopping for” evolution. 

Most importantly, learn what you can do to not just survive this cataclysmic event, but to anticipate and then participate in its ongoing revolution.


Moderated by: Chris Joseph, Founder & CEO, Cascade Spirits

Art of Resilience Podcast

Resilience is the essence of pursuing dreams and creating change. With a passion for discussing the challenges in life, creativity, work, Hussein aims to create episodes that are entertaining and educational for listeners. Each journey filled with obstacles, transformation, art and layers of resilience. Join artist Hussein Al-Baiaty each Wednesday as he speaks with people who practice art in a variety of forms. Every episode helps you feel inspired to create your state of mind.

Claima Stories Podcast

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