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Mentor Programs


One of the many reasons students choose to attend Portland State University is the strong connection with the local business community.  As part of that community, we hope you will assist in making our mentor programs a successful way for students to experience that connection.  Both the undergraduate and graduate mentor programs are designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain clarity on their career goals and develop their own business network through a mentor relationship with a business professional.  

Mentors serve multiple roles for a student – friend, coach colleague, and teacher.  With the guidance and support of a mentor, students are given the opportunities to observe the work environment, learn about a range of career paths within a profession or industry, and develop confidence in interacting with the business community.

Students apply by submitting their application, resume and two written statements which describe their career aspirations and industries or areas of specific interest (marketing, finance, operations management, etc.).  They are then matched with mentors who have the most relevant experience to their goals.

Upon being matched with a student, the relationship is managed by the mentor and student.  Each student has something unique that he/she seeks from a mentorship; and each mentor has something unique to offer through mentorship.  Thus, mentors and students should develop their own plan on how often they will meet, what will be discussed, and the outcomes of their relationship.

If you are interested in mentoring an undergraduate business student, please contact Becky Einolf.

If you are interested in mentoring a graduate business student, please contact Pamela Dusschee.