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Personal Leave

Employees may request a Personal Leave for time off in excess of five continuous work days that is otherwise not covered by other University leave and/or benefit programs. This is an unpaid leave benefit that must be applied for and approved by the University. It is available for a variety of employee needs and interests as outlined on the form. To access the leave, employees must submit a completed Personal/Discretionary Leave Request. If the leave is needed for an employee's own illness or illness of a family member as defined under the FMLA/OFLA leave, a Physician's Certification may be required.

An employee who applies for and is approved for a Personal Leave may or may not preserve rights to return to the current position at the end of the leave. In addition, employee benefits may or may not continue. If benefits are not continued, employees may have rights to continuation of Core Benefits under the Continuation Omnibus Benefits Reconciliation Act (COBRA) as outlined on the PEBB website. During a Personal Leave employees may or may not be able to continue Optional Benefits.

The SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 44 provides for additional guidance for Classified staff for Leaves of Absence Without Pay and leaves taken during Trial Service, see Article 34.

Because there are a number of considerations related to the use of Personal Leave, employees should contact the Office of Human Resources, Benefits Department at extension 54943 for additional guidance.