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Student Rec Center
1800 Southwest 6th Avenue, Suite 210
Portland, OR 97201

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Transportation & Parking 

Campus Rec Staff Contacts

Admin Suite Front Desk

Member Services Desk


Alex Accetta, Assistant Vice President, Campus Rec and Student Union Services

Todd Bauch, Associate Director of Operations
503.725.2999 | 

Jenny Welnick, Associate Director of Programs
503.725.9866 | 

Atsu Nagayama, Associate Director of Business Services
503.725.9867 | 

Facility Services

Tyler Baker, Facility Coordinator
503.725.2953 |

Jeff Stein, Trades/Maintenance Coordinator

Accounting/Business Operations/Human Resources

Ashley Campbell, Business Development and Training Coordinator
503.725.2951 |

Joelle Kenney, Business Services Coordinator
503.725.2943 | 

Cynthia Kwong, Administrative Program Assistant

IT Support

Nicole Phernetton-Varnell, IT Consultant
503.725.2901 | 

Marketing & Outreach

Erin Merz, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
503.725.2962 | 

Inclusive Rec & Fitness Center

Jen Armbruster, Inclusive Rec and Fitness Center Coordinator
503.725.2927 | 

Aquatics & Safety

Craig Gosnell, Aquatics and Safety Coordinator
503.725.5129 | 

Fitness & Health Promotion 

Erin Bransford, Fitness and Health Promotion Coordinator
503.725.2959 |


Easton Henrickson, Intramurals Coordinator
503.725.5647 |

Outdoor Program

Ann Marie Hingley, Outdoor Program Coordinator
503.725.8768 |

Chris Bullard, Outdoor Program Assistant Coordinator
503.725.2957 |

Rec Clubs

Peter Kramer, Rec Clubs Coordinator
503.725.2938 |

Peter Stott Center

Peter Stott Center Staff Directory