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Climbing Center

Everyone is welcome to climb and build community at Campus Rec's indoor Climbing Center, featuring a 32-foot climbing wall with bouldering up to 14 feet. Staff are happy to help climbers who need adaptations. We can accommodate a variety of ability levels and provide all of the climbing gear you need. An orientation video and quiz (available at Member Services) are required prior to using the Climbing Center.


The Climbing Center is open for drop-in bouldering during staffed hours: 

Monday - Friday

  • 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • 3:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

We are currently limiting Climbing Center access to our fee-paying students, as well as our faculty, staff, alumni, and senior adult learner members.

No reservation is required. Capacity is limited to six people. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For the protection of our staff and patrons, face masks are required while climbing, and physical distancing must be maintained.


  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 31


Third Floor | Academic & Student Recreation Center


503-725-5668 |


The Climbing Center wall is a Nicros traversing, bouldering, and climbing wall. The wall is 32-feet high and bouldering is allowed up to 14 feet. The floor surface is covered with seamless Asana crash pads.

Climbing Orientation Video

You are required to watch this Climbing Center orientation video and pass the climbing quiz available at Member Services prior to using the Climbing Center. 


Bouldering is climbing without ropes. We offer 14 feet of bouldering along the entire length of our wall, and the wall is available for bouldering during all open Rec Center hours.

In order to boulder:

  • Watch the Climbing orientation video on YouTube or at Member Services.
  • Pass the climbing quiz, available at Member Services.
  • Use your PSU photo ID or government-issued ID to check out a climbing wristband and any other climbing gear from the Equipment Checkout window. Climbing gear rentals are free.
  • Return your wristband and gear to the Equipment Checkout window when you are finished climbing.

Every time you climb:

Please check out a bouldering wristband, available at the Equipment Checkout window. Climbing shoes are also available to check out for free.

Bouldering Club

Train and improve your climbing skills with the Bouldering Club! Prepare to participate in the Northwest Collegiate Climbing Competition (NC3), an intercollegiate climbing competition circuit that takes place during winter and spring terms. To learn more about the Bouldering Club, visit the Rec Clubs webpage.

Top-Rope & Adaptive Climbing

Not currently offered

Top-rope climbing is a style in climbing that utilizes a harness and a rope as well as a climbing partner to manage the rope. While on a rope, climbers can reach the very top of our wall. Top-rope is only allowed during staffed hours.

Everyone is welcome during staffed hours when roped climbing on the tall wall is available to build up your endurance. We can accommodate a variety of ability levels and have all the climbing gear you need. Our qualified staff are available to belay, offer assistance, and answer questions. An orientation video and quiz at Member Services are required prior to using the Climbing Center. 

Learn how to top-rope

We have many different classes to suit all skill levels. View our scheduled classes and activities.

Belay Class

Not currently offered

Belaying is the act of managing the rope while a climber is climbing, and is an essential component of safe climbing practices. Learning how to belay correctly opens many doors for recreational climbers. Learn how to belay a climber, tie basic knots involved in roped climbing, use a harness appropriately, and perform a safety check. Our knowledgeable staff will teach you the skills needed to belay your friends during staffed hours at the Climbing Center! 

Before taking this class, you must watch the Climbing orientation video and pass a climbing quiz at Member Services. No registration required. 

Learn how to belay

  • You may ask a Climbing Instructor to belay you. Check out a harness from the Equipment Checkout window.
  • In order to become belay certified in our gym, you must pass a belay test administered by a Climbing Instructor during staffed hours. We do not accept belay certifications from other climbing gyms. If you do not know how to belay, we offer free belay classes most Saturdays. 
  • After you are belay certified you may belay other climbers during staffed hours. You may check out a belay device from a Climbing Instructor.
  • You may use your own harness ONLY if said harness is inspected and approved by Climbing Center staff.
  • You are NOT allowed to do any top-roping during times when there are not Climbing Center staff on duty. This includes people who are belay certified.