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Personal Training

Campus Rec's Personal Training program brings clients closer to their health and wellbeing goals by offering members access to certified personal trainers at an affordable rate when compared to gyms around Portland. Offerings include individual and buddy sessions, group training, fitness assessments, and body composition tests.

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Virtual Group Training

Campus Rec personal trainers are offering virtual group training programs to support and motivate you in achieving your wellbeing goals. Virtual Group Training programs are free and open to everyone. No PSU email or Campus Rec membership required. We offer seven-week programs and on-demand resources.

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Meet Campus Rec's personal trainers, and learn about their credentials, training philosophy, specialties, and personality.

"Fitness was a key that unlocked the door toward self-improvement for me. I learned that through proper nutrition and exercise I could build my body anyway I wanted." Ben Kirkpatrick

Personal Training

Getting Started

Campus Rec is currently offering in-person and virtual personal training offered based on client preferences. Both the trainer and client are required to wear masks during sessions.

New Client Checklist

  1. You must have an active Campus Rec membership in order to work with Campus Rec Personal Trainers.
  2. Complete and submit a Personal Training Client Interest Form.
  3. The Personal Training Student Coordinator responds to Interest Forms within two business days. You can choose your trainer or we can match you with a trainer based on your goals and availability.
  4. Your assigned trainer will then schedule a free consultation which will include:
    1. A 30-minute Zoom meeting to discuss your goals and new client paperwork.
    2. A discussion of which package best meets your needs.
    3. You may then choose to purchase sessions

Next Steps

If you already know that you want to work with a trainer, you can bypass submitting a client interest form and go straight to purchasing sessions. A free consultation to discuss your goals and new client paperwork will still be provided. Here are the next steps that you will take:

  1. View personal training package options below. 
  2. Purchase sessions at Member Services and a trainer will contact you within 48 business hours to schedule your first session. You can choose your trainer or we can match you with one based on goals and availability.
  3. Complete the new client paperwork. You will be given instructions on this after signing up.


Currently unavailable due to COVID-19

  • Fitness Assessments - Fitness assessments include body composition testing (skinfold measurements and/or circumference measurements), blood pressure, resting heart rate, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance, and postural assessments. Results are interpreted by a personal trainer to help guide your training and track your progress. Fitness assessments take approximately one hour to complete.
  • Body Composition Tests - Body composition tests involve three-site skin fold measurements using calipers. They test the ratio of lean mass versus fat mass and are a much better health indicators than scale weight. Body composition tests can also include circumference measurements. Results are interpreted by a personal trainer and testing takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Packages & Rates

All training sessions are 60 minutes in duration. Please note that only current Campus Rec members can purchase personal training packages.



Individual Packages


1 session $25
3 sessions $70 ($23.33/session)
6 sessions $126 ($21/session)
10 sessions $200 ($20/session)
Additional sessions $25

Buddy Packages (Currently Unavailable)

Rate (Currently Unavailable)

1 session $35 ($17.50/person/session)
3 sessions $96 ($16/person/session)
6 sessions $180 ($15/person/session)
10 sessions $280 ($14/person/session)
Additional sessions $35

Assessments (Currently Unavailable)

Rate (Currently Unavailable)

Fitness Assessment $15
Body Composition Test $5

Personal Trainer Bios 

Ben Galvan

About Me: I was never very physically active growing up. Most of my time was spent inside, in front of various screens. When I eventually started getting into fitness, I was really surprised by the extent to which it made a positive impact on my life. The resulting improvements in aesthetics and physical performance were great, but this was just the tip of the iceberg. I felt more focused, energetic, and alert than ever before, and the sense of discipline that comes from maintaining a consistent exercise routine translated extremely well into other aspects of my life. Over time, fitness became a sort of bedrock for me – something I could always fall back on, even during the toughest times when it felt like the rest of my life was falling apart. Without a doubt, exercise has been the most consistently positive variable in my life, and I’m always happy to help others explore everything it can do for them as well. Because no matter who you are and where you want to go in life, exercise can always help you get there.   

Training Philosophy: I prefer to take a fairly analytical approach to exercise programming, with an emphasis on understanding and manipulating the various factors that influence training outcomes. Developing a functional awareness of the interplay between mind, body, and exercise can make a huge difference in training effectiveness. When it comes to fitness, there’s a lot that we can’t control, so being able to recognize and hone in on the variables that we do have control over is a critical piece of the puzzle. Ultimately, I believe that if you understand why and how your training works, then you can be far more confident that it will work, which is the first step in fostering the motivation and vision needed to achieve your goals. As a trainer, this translates into working with you to develop an individualized plan that is both exciting and efficient, based on your own unique experience, strengths, and priorities.

Credentials: American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified, B.S. Applied Health and Fitness (expected 2022)

(541) 654-7960

Ben Kirkpatrick

About Me:  Fitness was a key that unlocked the door toward self-improvement for me. I learned that through proper nutrition and exercise I could build my body anyway I wanted. Through setting goals in the gym and working hard toward achieving them, I figured that I could apply these same principles to other areas in my life. I began reading books and set out to develop my mindset the same way I did through weight training. From there, a passion was born. I decided that I would strive to achieve excellence in all areas of life regarding personal development. 

Training Philosophy: In the gym, intention comes first. Anyone can move some weight around and just go through the motions. This approach is not only ineffective, but it can also be dangerous. It's important to understand exactly what you're trying to achieve, and then figure out the best way to get there. Every piece of equipment in the gym is like a tool in a toolbox; we've just got to find out which tools work best for you. As your trainer, my goal is to help you build a healthy body and sound mind so you have the strength, capacity, and fortitude to deal with whatever resistance life throws at you. Together, we’ll work to design an exercise program that fits your goals and lifestyle, so that working out is something you look forward to each day. Working out has been an integral aspect of my journey, and I would love to share the experience with you!

Personality: Open-minded, Curious, Introspective

Specialty: Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strength Training

Experience: Author of Little Things Add Up, Cultivating Your Mind Garden, and creator of the Body Build virtual group training programs.

Credentials: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, B.S. Applied Health & Fitness (expected 2023)


Brenda Alexander

Simply Put: It only takes desire, determination, consistent effort, and time. What is it that you desire? How strong is that desire? What are you willing to do to get it? What is really stopping you?

#1 - Designing exercise programs can be challenging when faced with limiting factors. I learn something from each and every client I work with. First I demonstrate the exercises in a particular sequence, discussing the rationale behind each. Then I allow you to practice mastery independently or with my supervision. I follow up with a review and modifications. Sometimes a completely new program is warranted if you bore easily, plateau or set new goals. Repeat this process again until your goals are met. Sounds simple, yes?

#2 - Motivating is a far more difficult task, for it involves the mind more than the body. Attitude is everything. If you hate exercise, I can make it more fun. However, it is still hard work and only hard work (or prolonged easier work) will produce results. Depending on your genetic factors, this progress may be faster or slower. There are drugs and surgeries available, but they are expensive and carry risks. You can NOT change the fact that your body requires movement to sustain health; you can however change the methods of movement as well as your attitude towards movement.

#3 - Consistency is crucial, for no plan in the world will succeed if you are not consistently following it. Most people need some support. I can only hold you accountable when you are physically with me or by an available attendance binder. I can “check in” on you from time to time, but I can’t MAKE you exercise when you’re determined not to. Hold on to your strong desire and refer back to #2.

This is what I love to do: I have knowledge and I have experience. I’ve been “addicted” to weight training and sports and I’ve been more relaxed and casual too. I’ve been able to maintain an active lifestyle regardless of my changing attitudes and circumstances. I’ve had my own small gym and I’ve had nothing but a broom stick and milk jugs. I’ve worked at 24-Hour, YWCA, YMCA and here at PSU. I love this stuff! I want you to learn to love it too. My ultimate goal is to empower you to take ownership of your health.

Please allow me to offer you my professional services, share my experiences, have some fun and get you moving in the right direction.

Personality: Open, Agreeable, Conscientiousness

Specialty: Post Rehab, Older Adult Training, General Health and Fitness

Experience: Professional trainer since 2003, Various ages and populations, Lumbo-pelvic stabilization, Shoulder and knee rehabilitation. Author of Everything’s an Elephant: Always Brace Your Core!

Credentials: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, YMCA Fitness Testing Specialist


Emma Black

About Me:​ Fitness is an essential part of my life that has empowered me to take up space and find my inner voice. My love for fitness started when I was training as a classical ballerina and it peaked my interest in anatomy and movement. After moving on from my passion for dance, I got back into being active to take accountability for my mental and physical health. The best part about working out isn’t just the physical transformation, but how good you feel mentally when you’ve made a commitment to taking care of yourself! 

My biggest passion as a fitness professional is to transform the experience of going to the gym from anxiety-inducing to empowering. I’m here to make the gym a space for building mental and physical strength in a positive and encouraging environment. I’m also here to teach women that the weight room belongs to them just as much as it belongs to anyone else. As your trainer, I want to teach you that it’s not just about how we look but also how we feel! It can be so rewarding to challenge yourself and reach a goal that you didn’t even know you were capable of.

Training Philosophy: With my background as an athlete I’m used to high-intensity strength and conditioning, but I also believe in first creating a sustainable foundation through establishing mobility, flexibility, balance, and strength. I utilize functional training and encourage the use of resistance through weights and other fitness props that challenge stability. I’m here to encourage you, guide you, and give you that extra push you need to discover what you’re truly capable of!

Experience: Author of Debunking Fitness Myths and How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated, creator of the Couch to 5K, 10K Running Guide, and Goal Cafe virtual group training programs.

Credentials: Ace Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified


Evan Cox

About Me: I was never the biggest, fastest, or most coordinated kid on the field, but that never stopped me from being active. I never excelled in any of the team sports I tried, so when my mom signed me up for wrestling, I was timid and afraid. I will never forget the feeling I had after my first match, where I first felt empowered by the realization that I was no longer afraid, and because of that, I could finally succeed. It is this lesson that has stuck with me after all these years.

In addition to teaching me valuable lessons about life, wrestling also sparked an interest in health and fitness that has persisted to this day. I enjoy training for the most optimum balance of strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility, and I believe finding that balance is crucial regardless of your current fitness level.  I enjoy working with anyone seeking to become better versions of themselves, no matter what your goals are. Whether you are an experienced athlete or someone stepping into the gym for the first time, I will help you get there! I remember what it was like to step into a situation feeling anxious and unsure. With me, you’ll get the knowledge and support you need so that you’ll feel empowered to keep reaching your health and fitness goals.

Personality: Straightforward, Humorous, Compassionate

Specialty: Strength & conditioning, Mobility & flexibility, Corrective exercise – shoulder/hip/knee rehabilitation, stabilization, and strengthening

Certifications: B.Sci. Applied Health and Fitness, National Academy of Sports Medicine  - Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine  -  Corrective Exercise Specialist, American Red Cross CPR/ AED, and First Aid certified.

Phone: 971-221-7547

Gabe Feit

Introduction: Are you new to the gym and looking for some guidance and support? Or have you been going to the gym for years and want a new perspective?  Maybe you're somewhere in the middle.  They are all good places to be!  Just reading this bio means you have made the choice to address and improve your fitness in some manner.  Good decision!  The path to physical fitness is a journey that can transform your body and mind.  It presents itself differently to everybody, but one thing is for sure, it takes hard work!  

Why do it? Aside from disease prevention and physical health, those old chestnuts.  Exercise encourages the brain to produce chemicals that help us deal with stress (norepinephrine) and make us feel happy (endorphins).  Exercise also helps improve cognitive function and alleviate depression.  Not to mention how good you'll feel when you look in the mirror!

About Me: My philosophy is that even hard work should be fun! Idealistic? Yes. Unrealistic? No WAY! I love to play!  From organized sports such as ice hockey and soccer to weight lifting to frisbee in the park. It is so important to have fun...Seriously! Playing encourages curiosity and helps us problem solve. It strengthens our connections to other people, the world around us and perhaps most importantly, ourselves.

I am a nurturer by nature. I love to help people become the best version of themselves. In the gym this translates to a focus on helping you achieve your goals through a combination of guidance, external motivation, helping to keep you on track and overcome personal challenges. College is a time of exponential growth that often leaves little time for play. But the benefits couldn't be more relevant to a student's needs. Even the act of working out regularly, keeping a schedule and tracking your results are skills that transfer directly to college and the rest of life. The path to physical fitness is right in front of you. You have already taken the first step. Let's work our way down the path together for a bit! 

Personality: Quiet, Loud, Sassy

Specialty: Strength Training, Physique, General Health, and Fitness

Experience: Personal Training Course Instructor

Certifications: World Instructor Training Schools - Personal Trainer, American Red Cross - CPR, AED & First Aid for the Professional Rescuer

Phone: 503-866-2470

Heriberto Morales-Baca

About Me: Growing up, I was never a ‘healthy’ kid, but I was an active kid participating in soccer and basketball around my neighborhood. Being an overweight kid didn’t make being active easy because of the perceptions others had of me when it came to sports. That affected my confidence in everything I did and I started to overthink whether I should keep being active. An injury my freshman year of high school due to my weight became the turning point for me to take my health more seriously. I remember trying many times before to lose weight but being unsuccessful. I used my injury as motivation to ensure my goal of losing weight wouldn’t end the same as before. After sticking to my goal for over a year I was able to drop weight and improve my overall health. 

After graduating high school I knew that I wanted to continue pursuing other forms of exercise, which led to my interest in weight training. That summer, I became over consumed with trying to impress others in my local gym by lifting as much weight as possible, even if it meant risking an injury. This became my new motivation until I realized that I shouldn’t exercise for others; I needed to do this for myself. 

After changing my mentality I started to explore other forms of exercise - not only for my body but for my mind as well. I explored Hatha Yoga, Meditation, HIIT, and Cycling. Since that moment, my approach to exercise has changed: I want to focus on involving my mind and body in doing anything it enjoys.

Training Philosophy: I focus on working with you to get to know who you are. By doing so we can make exercise an enjoyable experience that works with your strengths and builds on your weaknesses. I want to ensure you know it's about you and fulfilling your needs. I will ensure you feel respected, seen, and heard. Doing this will lead to us creating a successful program by using your current fitness level and incorporating different forms of exercise to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Specialty: General Health and Fitness, Bodyweight Movements, Weight Management 

Credentials: B.S. Applied Health & Fitness (Expected 2023), American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Management Specialist, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Keith Zahn

About Me: Hi all! Aside from seeing me working as a Personal Trainer at Campus Rec, I am also the president of both the Badminton and Kickboxing clubs at PSU so I am frequently in the Rec Center. I am quite a quirky person and love joking around but as your Personal Trainer you can rely on me to push you in the right direction. I am motivated by physical goals and finding out more about the body all the time. 

Training Philosophy: As a trainer, I seek to help my clients as well as kickboxers and badminton players achieve their goals, and motivate people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Getting exercise is a wonderful thing. It encourages your body to release endorphins, a hormone that reduces feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Whether you're someone who needs a little inspiration to start your active lifestyle or just want a buddy to keep you accountable and push you, I strive to be a personal trainer that you can connect with. 

Experience: Co-Author of Facts About Stretching: When, What, and NO!

Certifications: American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer, American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid, Biology major, expected graduation date: Spring 2020

Contact Info:

Luz M. Flores

About Me: Growing up in an hispanic household, I was constantly teased for being too skinny. Obesity was prevalent among many of my relatives, which later on created a fear in me of gaining unhealthy weight. As I got older, I became more involved in sports and extracurricular activities that allowed me to be more active. I learned about healthy weight gain and experienced first hand the joy fitness and healthy living brought into my life. I started playing soccer in second grade and continue to do so to this day. I always thought that to be “fit” meant you had to look a certain way. It took me a while, through my own trial and error, to realize that each and every person’s body needs a personalized path to reach similar goals.

Over time I learned that every body has a unique set point and that for some, gaining weight could be just as difficult as losing weight. Through deep research and trying different methods for healthy weight gain, I was able to meet my target weight, while also gaining the strength I wanted. I joined as many physical education, fitness, and activity classes as possible to learn better form and take in any health advice I could use for myself or share with friends and family. 

Fitness has brought me joy and happiness, both mentally and physically, and even saved me from my darkest moments. For this reason, I am pursuing an education and career in the health and fitness field. I hope to be able to help others find this happiness, and motivate them to get past the most difficult part of it all, the motivation to start.

Training Philosophy: I am an optimistic and encouraging motivator at heart. I love helping others feel good about themselves and reach their fullest potential. My goal as your personal trainer is to help you gain more confidence when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. I believe that we are our biggest motivators, but also our worst critics. As a beginner in the gym, I know what it feels like to be nervous to lift weights, lost when it comes to “where to start”, and intimidated to simply be in the gym. We will work together to make an ideal program tailored just for you to meet your goals, learn proper form, and be fun and exciting all in one. I want to help you feel confident in the gym and reach your better version of you.

Personality: Encouraging, Optimistic, Calm

Credentials: American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified, B.S. Applied Health & Fitness (expected 2022) 

Contact Info:
(971) 352-1269

Margarita Hernandez

About Me: I know from experience that exercise can be intimidating, but I’ve also come to learn that it can transform your life for the better. I’ve always enjoyed being active, but I don’t think my love for fitness really reached its peak until several years ago when I began participating in weight training and track & field. At first these were sports that I was terrified to try. I feared that I wouldn't fit in these athletic settings and that I wouldn't be strong or fast enough. However, I am glad that I gained enough courage to give them a try. After I did, I was hooked. I loved the adrenaline that both gave me and the rewarding feeling I would get after accomplishing the goals I would set for myself. That’s when I realized that the major ways that exercise affected me was something that I not only wanted, but needed in my life. 

Everyone starts somewhere and while it may be difficult at first, and even along the way, it is a worthy process. Exercise is something that has helped my physical and emotional well-being in transformative ways. It has caused me to become more confident and not only physically stronger, but mentally and emotionally as well. I believe that exercise is one of the best forms of medicine that you can give to your body.

Training Philosophy: I plan to cater to your needs through an individualized and well-rounded exercise program that focuses on building a stable foundation first while creating a welcoming atmosphere for you. To accomplish this, I will make sure that you are always heard and that your exercise program is as enjoyable as it is effective. I will work alongside you so that you accomplish your goals both big and small, as well as be there to celebrate the accomplishments with you. I will provide guidance, support, knowledge, and encouragement so that I can help you in incorporating the beauty of exercise into your life and to help amplify the best version of yourself. 

Specialty: General health and fitness, strength training

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified, B.A Applied Health and Fitness (Expected 2023)

Contact Info:

Nathaneil McDougal

About Me: Since a young age, I’ve been passionate about movement and fitness. After playing numerous sports throughout my grade school years, I decided to continue pursuing my passion for fitness. I went through the National Personal Training Institute’s education program, an intensive 500-hour program covering all aspects of fitness. Mobility training, posture and gait analysis, powerlifting, nutrition, lifestyle and habit change methodology, anatomy, and much more. I learned the skills needed to help people forge a level of fitness and capacity to move that they never thought they could have.

I’ve been training since 2014 and plan on continuing for the rest of my life. As a vegan personal trainer, I have experience dealing with some of the unique hurdles which that life choice can bring. In my opinion, we all should look to non-human animals as the true experts of movement. I hope to be able to help people move as they do, to be able to exude power and grace like our fellow animals.

My training focus is on creating functional fitness, so expect a lot of balance, reactive (plyometric), mobility, and powerlifting training. Don’t let that worry you though. I also have experience working with clients with injuries, regaining movement capacity, and preventing future injury. I strive to progress clients from wherever they’re at in life. In my opinion, everyone should have the capacity to move athletically.

One of the primary ways I help people towards this goal is by incorporating practices from a variety of different movement systems including yoga, tai chi, capoeira, and parkour. If you’re wanting to start your own movement journey, I would love to help you on that path.

Specialty: Mobility improvement, Bodyweight movements, Athletic development, Injury prevention, and rehabilitation

Experience: Author of The Why and How for Moving More, Nutrition During Self-Quarantine, and co-Author of Facts About Stretching: When, What, and NO! Creator of the Applied Mobility and Mobility/Flexibility virtual group training programs.

Credentials: National Personal Training Institute Graduate, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid 

Contact Info: 
(503) 724-9949

Sarah Krajewski

About Me: I believe our bodies are designed to move without discomfort at any age. Movement and exercise are vital for overall wellness and can provide relief from the demands of long days at our desks and on our screens. After many years of gym routines, running, cycling, yoga, dance, and other various exercise programs, I learned exercise is something I cannot live without. I recently obtained my Personal Trainer Certification through the American Council of Exercise, and this is how I’m turning my passion for fitness into a profession. 

I love incorporating nature in my workouts, whether through running outside, hiking, or training in the park; appreciating earth’s beauty while nurturing our bodies can energize our spirits and help de-stress our minds. In the gym, there are many ways to prepare the body to conquer our outdoor adventures with strength and ease. 

I enjoy working with different ages and fitness levels. I look forward to teaching movement and exercises one enjoys - movement that is comfortable and becomes something to look forward to. I encourage body positivity, healthy self-esteem, and channeling your strengths while accommodating your body.

As a mother of two, I enjoyed the beauty in the responsibility of keeping two bodies healthy simultaneously. I also understand the demands during postpartum. Children undoubtedly challenge us in different ways, physically and emotionally. The benefits of fitness can help provide balance in other areas of our lives. My goal is to educate women and mothers on safe ways to stay fit and strong while raising our babies. 

Modeling health and wellness for our children will teach them how to care for themselves, plus give us the energy to keep up with the naturally active lifestyles of children. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I look forward to helping you find the most enjoyable ways to achieve your goals.

Experience: Co-Author of Facts About Stretching: When, What, and NO!

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified, B.A. in Sociology (Expected 2022)    

Contact Info:

Sarah Robertson

About Me: My passion for fitness started when I became involved in martial arts during my pre-teen and teen years. Through my experiences both training and teaching martial arts, I began to develop an interest in helping others to pursue their goals and become more active. From there I spent three years working and shadowing in physical therapy clinics throughout Oregon and California, gaining a better understanding of the ways in which physical activity can benefit individuals at any stage of their life, or ability level.

Training Philosophy: As your trainer I want to help you pursue and attain your goals and to feel empowered by your achievements. I utilize a holistic approach to training that allows for an individual to make gains in their flexibility, mobility, endurance, and strength. Through a  routine that encompasses these principles of fitness, I strive to help you to create a foundation from which you can advance your skills and knowledge. No matter what level you are at, together we  will create a workout program that is unique to you and tailored to your individual needs. I know that the beginning of your fitness journey can oftentimes seem daunting, but I am here to support you, guide you, and help you to make fitness a part of your life!

Experience: Co-Author of Facts About Stretching: When, What, and NO!

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified, B.S. Biology (Expected 2023)

Contact Info:
(503) 757-1312