Play Your Way

Campus Rec celebrates diversity, inclusiveness, and authenticity in all of our programs. Our Inclusive Rec offerings demonstrate our commitment to creating holistic wellbeing and a welcoming community for all. Enjoy accessible spaces, programs, and equipment, including outdoor trips, adaptive climbing and swimming, wheelchair sports, goalball, open inclusive rec time, and youth events for the entire PSU community.

A group of people playing wheelchair basketball in a gym.

Accessible At-Home Workouts

Enjoy wheelchair basketball workouts designed for you to complete on your own at home. This five-week wheelchair basketball workout program focuses on strength, coordination, endurance, cardio, and stretching. 

Jen Armbruster smiles at the Paralympics send-off in 2016.

Inclusive Staff

As Inclusive Rec & Fitness Coordinator, Jen Armbruster works to ensure that Campus Rec's programs, equipment, and facility are accessible and inclusive for all. Reach out to Jen to request accommodations, or tour the facility and our accessible areas and equipment.


Accessibility at the Rec Center

Our state-of-the-art facility was built in 2010 using universal design principles. We offer adaptive equipment for a range of body types and abilities. We are equipped with universal changing rooms which offer increased privacy in an all-gender space for members with children, disabilities, or others who prefer a single-occupancy area. All of our programs can be adapted for those with disabilities, and we also offer a number of inclusive programs to meet specific needs. 

If you would like to tour the facility and our accessible areas and equipment, please contact Jen Armbruster, Inclusive Rec & Fitness Coordinator, at


  • Easy entry into the pool with four wide steps and a lift rated to 400 lbs.
  • Stair access into spa with handrails and a lift rated to 450 lbs.
  • An inclusive/adaptive swim lane is available during all lap swim times, and is reserved for those who need accommodations. The lifeguards are happy to help if assistance is required. 

General Facilities

  • Accessible stalls in all restrooms.
  • Two universal changing rooms that include showers and benches for a high level of access. One is located in the pool area and one is just outside of the pool area.
  • Accessible area of locker rooms that includes a broader bench, lower lockers, private changing areas, and accessible showers. Lockers can be rented from Member Services.
  • Dog hookups throughout the facility for safety, comfort, and convenience of members and their service animals.
  • Elevated mats

Location & Description of Multipurpose Rooms (ASRC 4401/441)

Located directly left from main stairwell or directly right from elevator. From the weight room staircase, take two rights, just past the treadmills.

As you enter, you are at the west wall in the southwest corner of the room. Exit at door 440 on the west wall, near the northwest corner of the room. The instructor occupies the north center of the room, and participants occupy three staggered rows in front of the instructor, with the back row against the south wall and one-way paths dividing the rows. We have designated a priority workout box intended for patrons who are visually or positionally impaired. To find the priority box, turn left at the entry door and follow the west wall past the closet doors and Bosu racks until you feel a tactile line underfoot. Follow the tactile line away from the wall to the priority box. The perimeter of the box is also marked by tactile lines. To exit, follow the line back to the west wall. Keep the wall to your left and the exit door is just in front of you. You may also call out to the instructor for assistance. 

Campus Rec offers a variety of adaptive equipment to accommodate different types of exercise. There is equipment available at the Equipment Checkout window as well as other adaptive equipment installed around our facility. 


Equipment Checkout 

  • Therabands with velcro straps
  • Velcro straps for securing hands and feet to cardio equipment
  • Goalballs and soccer balls with bells in them for variety of sports
  • Medicine balls with handles for Group X classes



  • NuStep
  • Krank Cycles are an upper body cardio piece for use on the cardio floor or rolled into Group X classes. There are independent arms, and the seat comes out for wheelchairs to approach from either side.
  • Recline bikes allow easy pass through access
  • Sport chairs 
  • Rope climbers
  • TechnoGym Top is an arm ergometer that provides easy wheelchair access while also providing the audiovisual features of other cardio equipment.
  • Braille and tactile indicators on cardio equipment.
  • Double pole ergometer
  • Cybex treadmills provide the visually impaired with bright colors and braille.
  • Tactile indicators on cardio machines.
  • Service animal restraint devices (loops through which service animal leashes can be threaded) are installed low to the ground on walls.


Outdoor Gear Rentals

  • Tandem kayaks
  • Adaptive climbing gear for indoor and outdoor use


Strength & Stretching

  • Free weight racks
  • Life Fitness columns
  • The Eight Station
  • Extra wide bench
  • Elevated stretching and weight benches are placed in the free weight and stretching areas so chair users can transfer to an elevated surface for exercise or stretching.


Weight Room

  • Wide weight bench located in the free weight area to allow for laying out flat to perform exercises and to assist with transferring out of a chair.
  • Several pieces of Free Motion Equipment are available. Special features include movable seats, handles that are easier to hold, visual cues, and lower seats that allow for easier transfers.
  • Velcro cuff straps that can connect to machines and can be used around the forearm to provide a variety of lifting exercises.
  • Medicine balls with handles to make gripping easier.
  • Tactile indicators on weight racks.
  • Service animal restraint devices (loops through which service animal leashes can be threaded) are installed low to the ground on walls.

Inclusive Programs

*Not Offered during the COVID-19 Rec Center Closure

Check the Schedule & Activities webpage for the term schedule and specific program days/times.

Adaptive Climbing

Everyone is welcome at our Climbing Center. During staffed hours, staff are available to help climbers who need adaptations. We can accommodate a variety of ability levels and have all the climbing gear you need. Our friendly and qualified staff will be available to belay, offer assistance, and answer questions. An orientation video and quiz are required at Member Services prior to using the Climbing Center. Visit the Climbing Center webpage for details.

Breaking Barriers Award Application

The Breaking Barriers Award is offered to PSU students who have a qualifying disability and demonstrate strong spirit and/or leadership potential. The award supports student participating in athletic competition or recreational events not currently offered through Campus Rec. This may cover equipment, uniform, travel or other costs of the event. Awardees will be selected based on financial need and application essay responses. Athletes and participants in recreation of all levels are encouraged to apply. For more information, contact Jen Armbruster at


Goalball is a unique team sport originally designed for individuals with vision impairments. This fast-paced game offers an alternative to traditional court sports. Open to all abilities and vision levels, players are blindfolded to level the playing field and increase the challenge. Bring a friend and try the sport of goalball for fun, or join our goalball team to get competitive. 

*Coached Adaptive Swim

Campus Rec and coaches from Adaptive Sports Northwest (ASNW) are partnering to provide swimming instruction to youth ages 6-18 with physical disabilities. Coaches are also available to assist any Campus Rec member that needs an adaptation for swimming. 

Intramural Leagues

All abilities and skill levels are welcome to participate in Intramural leagues. Veterans, service members, and dependents can pick up their coupon for a complimentary IM PLAY Pass at the Veterans Resource Center (SMSU 401, 503.725.9807).

*Inclusive/Adaptive Swim Lane

Swimming is a low-impact way to experience movement and relaxation for people of all ability levels. We offer an adaptive/inclusive swim lane that is available during all lap swim hours. The lifeguards are happy to help if assistance is needed.

Open Inclusive Rec

Drop by the MAC Court (Third Floor) during this informal time to recreate and play non-traditional sports. Refine your wheelchair basketball and sit-volleyball skills, or practice throwing and blocking a goalball. Sports chairs and other equipment will be available during this time. Open Inclusive Rec is open to all ability levels. Priority is given to inclusive/adaptive activities. 

*Outdoor Trips

Most Outdoor Program trips can be easily modified to accommodate disabilities. We also have adaptive outdoor gear available for rent, including tandem kayaks and adaptive climbing gear for indoor and outdoor use. Visit the Outdoor Program webpage to learn more about trip and gear offerings.

Unified Sports

PSU's Unified Sports Rec Club is a Special Olympics initiative that joins people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team. It was inspired by a simple principle: playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding. Visit the Rec Clubs webpage to learn more.

*Wheelchair Basketball

Get moving and meet new friends while learning and playing this adapted variation of basketball. Connect with individuals of all skill levels and abilities, and improve your upper body strength and coordination. Staff are available to teach you the basics, provide tips and tricks, and play a friendly pick-up game. Sports chairs and other equipment provided.