Embrace Your Best Self

Our wellbeing efforts engage the PSU community in various health promotion events and programs throughout the year. We strive to create a culture of wellbeing within our department, which is guided by the concept of the wellbeing wheel (pictured below). We believe holistic wellbeing is best achieved when a person attends to many different aspects of their health. Our programs and practices address various dimensions of wellbeing and aim to help participants discover how they can be their best selves.

While components of wellbeing may differ from person to person, wellbeing is in general a state of happiness, health, and fulfillment that allows one to realize their full potential and engage meaningfully in life. It is multi-dimensional, involves the whole self, and is more than just physical and mental health or the absence of disease. Optimal wellbeing goes beyond the individual and recognizes the importance of community and contributing purposefully to the greater good.


Wellbeing: Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, Spiritual
Based on the Health & Wellbeing Model from NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation

Wellbeing Dimensions

Campus Rec strives to support eight dimensions of wellbeing through our facilities, programs, and services: physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, financial, social, environmental, and spiritual wellbeing. While these eight dimensions can be difficult to balance, Campus Rec believes participation in recreation programs can inspire and empower individuals to take action in ways that enhance holistic wellbeing.

Emotional: the ability to understand yourself and acknowledge your feelings in a productive manner. Coping with challenges.
Environmental: practicing a lifestyle that respects nature. Recognizing your ability to impact your environment.
Financial: living within your financial means and planning for future financial health. Practicing budgeting and resource management.
Intellectual: creativity, critical thinking, and exploring new knowledge, ideas, and experiences.
Occupational: fulfillment and satisfaction in your job or career. Finding harmony in work and life.
Physical: taking care of the physical body. Exercise, movement, nutrition, and sleep.
Social: having healthy relationships. Feeling connected to other people. Improving knowledge and actions around equity, diversity, and inclusion.
Spiritual: finding a sense of purpose and meaning in life, determining your values, and matching actions to morals.
Person running around the indoor track with view of Portland buildings in the background

Campus Well

The new PSU Campus Well website, brought to you by The Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) and Campus Rec (CREC), covers a wide variety of college health and wellbeing topics. Each week, PSU students receive an e-mail with the latest topics and featured articles. 

The image is an illustration of a red heart smiling with a purple background. There is a text that reads, "Love Your Body Week."

Love Your Body Week

Learn how to cultivate body positivity and practice self-love during PSU’s Love Your Body Week, hosted by Campus Rec and Student Health & Counseling. 

This logo is for the Mindful Meanderings podcast. There is an illustration of mountains and trees and a sun, with the following text underneath: Mindful Meanderings: Walking Together

Mindful Meanderings Podcast

Campus Rec and the Center for Student Health & Counseling are teaming up to bring you Mindful Meanderings─a podcast aimed at expanding your daily mindfulness practice as you get outside to walk. Episodes range from practicing gratitude, finding joy, and simply being present in the moment.

The illustration is centered around the Physical dimension of wellbeing, which pops out of the wellbeing wheel and circles around a person stretching, with different aspects of physical wellbeing (fruits and vegetables, water, pillow, dumbbells, jumprope) surrounding them.

Virtual Resources

At Campus Rec, the health and wellbeing of our members, staff, and the Portland State community is of the utmost importance to us. During this time of physical distancing, we are bringing the Rec Center to you! Stay active, informed, and engaged with our virtual recreation and wellbeing resources.

Person meditating; sitting cross legged with eyes closed and palms up towards the sky.

Our Values

One of Campus Rec’s core values is to promote the holistic success, safety and vitality of the Portland State community. We strive to integrate a culture of holistic health and wellbeing within our community.