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Group X

In-person Group X classes have returned to drop-in style and no longer require GroupEx Pro pre-registration. Just drop in, no sign ups needed!

Campus Rec’s group exercise (Group X) program improves the physical and emotional wellbeing of our members by providing a wide variety of activities led by certified and motivational instructors. Our drop-in classes are included with Campus Rec membership at no additional charge. Group X offerings include cardio, endurance, strength, mind/body, and dance fitness classes to help our members achieve their fitness goals.


Summer Schedule: June 21 - September 17

Campus Rec offers a variety of live virtual Group X classes through Zoom for Portland State students, faculty, and staff. A email is required to securely access the Zoom classes. Explore the Google calendar below for the Group X class schedule and Zoom links.

Join a Virtual Group X Class

  1. Find the class you wish to attend on the interactive Google calendar below.
  2. Click on the class name and Zoom link within the class description.
  3. Sign-in via SSO (single sign-on authentication). The domain is
  4. Sign in with your odin username and password.
  5. Participate in class with your camera on or off

On-Demand Group X Videos

Access a selection of recorded virtual Group X classes on our YouTube channel anytime that fits your schedule. New videos are uploaded regularly. 


Summer Schedule: June 21 - September 17

In-person Group X classes have returned to drop-in style and no longer require GroupEx Pro pre-registration. Just drop in, no pre-registration required! 

Campus Rec is offering a limited number of drop-in style, in-person classes that are free and open to Campus Rec members. All in-person classes are currently taking place in ASRC 440/441 on the fourth floor of the Rec Center. Face masks are required to participate. Yoga mats are provided for in-person Group X classes only, and are not available for drop-in use at this time.

Summer classes included Stretch & Flexibility, Bodyweight Bootcamp, Abs & Arms, At-Home Strength, Yoga, Zumba, Tabata, Pump X and Cycle. Fill your summer with the joy of movement!

Explore the Google calendar below for the Group X class schedule.

Group X Schedule

Group X Google Calendar

Explore the Group X schedule using the interactive Google Calendar below. Save your favorite classes, events, and activities in your own Google calendar. You can also view the Group X schedule on the GroupEx Pro website, which includes live updates such as instructor subs and class cancellations.



Group X Class Descriptions


Campus Rec is providing yoga mats for in-person Group X classes only; yoga mats are not available for drop-in use at this time.

Advanced Yoga

Expect this to be a challenging vinyasa yoga class with an emphasis on core work, progressions to a variety of arm and standing balance poses, inversions, back bends, and a complex and fast-paced flow. This class is geared towards participants with prior yoga experience, including sun salutations, and familiarity with safe alignment in foundational poses. These classes might also include partner work/assists and slowing down to workshop some of the "advanced" asanas. Participants can be ready to take their yoga practice to the next level of difficulty.


In aikido, the emphasis is on how to move with the other person, not opposing or overcoming with strength and speed. We practice agreed upon roles with partners to develop good use of the body and to study the physical and energetic relationship with the partner. In each class we will practice rolling, contact and movement with partners, and a focus on mindfulness. Experience the joy of learning something new!

Applied Mobility

This weekly 30-minute class is geared towards providing a gentle and restorative experience. You'll reconnect with your body and breath with movements specifically selected to be scalable and get you moving in new ways. Applied Mobility will help you improve posture, increase flexibility, move freely and prepare your body for whatever you want to do with your day.

Beginner Vinyasa Yoga 

This mindful vinyasa flow class practices slowing down and moving with the breath to promote awareness and grace. The integration of yin yoga to release fascial tension with a slow and gentle vinyasa flow teaches practitioners to use breath effectively in transitioning from one movement to the next. This is a perfect class for yogis building up to a faster-paced vinyasa practice, or for experienced yogis looking to slow down and find some release in a gentler flow.

Family-Friendly Yoga

This family-centered yoga class is ideal for families with young kids* as well as individuals looking for a fun and unique yoga practice. Students are guided through short and simple yoga sequences designed to hold children’s attention while giving parents an opportunity to focus on their breath, balance, strength, and flexibility. The class often provides opportunities to get silly by incorporating yoga into childhood games such as musical mats or red light, green light. All levels and ages are welcome; class may differ based on age of attendees. 

*Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

Gentle Yoga - Currently offered virtually 

This slow-paced and alignment-based practice facilitates ease and awareness in the body using a combination of gentle active practice, yin yoga stretches to release tension in the fascia, and restorative poses combined with simple breath and meditation techniques. Gentle Yoga is appropriate for anyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced yogi looking to bring an element of deep relaxation to their practice.

Hatha Jamz Yoga

It’s yoga where the music is hot, not the room. A challenging combination of isometric (stationary) and vinyasa (flowing/moving) poses are backed by a funky soundtrack. From Hip-hop to metal and everything in between, ready yourself for the ever-changing soundtrack.

Hatha Yoga - Currently offered virtually

This is an active yoga class that uses yoga asanas (poses), breath, and alignment principles to move you deeper into your practice. Poses are held for 3-10 breaths to build strength, body awareness and mind-body connection. It is appropriate for beginners with no prior yoga experience, as well as more experienced practitioners seeking a refresher on the fundamentals of breath and alignment. Campus Rec is providing yoga mats for in-person Group X classes only; yoga mats are not available for drop-in use at this time.

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga

Open your heart, body, and mind in this detoxifying, vinyasa flow. Class will progress to matching one breath per movement to create strong, flow-based sequences that elevate heart rate and build warmth in the body. Intermediate poses are introduced including arm balances, backbends, and prep poses for inversions. Intermediate Vinyasa classes are faster paced; knowledge of yoga postures is helpful but not required.


Cultivate balance, focus, and fortitude. Both mindful and physical, this 30-minute class is based on the forms of Iaido, the art of drawing and wielding the Japanese sword, dating back to 16th century Japan. No equipment needed. Your open hand serves as your sword. We’ll practice moving the feet, legs and hips so that the lower body and core support the motions of the spine, shoulders and arms. The eyes learn to settle and align with one’s intention. Release the day and transition to your evening with this self-reflective, whole body movement practice.

Mindful Movement & Meditation

Break up your work day with some gentle breath work, meditation, and mindfulness in this 60-minute class. We will explore grounding breathing exercises, intention setting, and tuning into more subtle movements in the body. No experience or props necessary, just a willingness to slow down! 

Nap zzZ

Feeling tired or stressed? Need a safe space to relax, rest, and recharge? This napping class offers a facilitated experience for participants to take a break via short guided relaxation techniques and a 20-minute Power Nap. Blankets and mats are available for a comfortable snooze. Leave feeling energized and ready to continue your day!

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga utilizes blocks, blankets, and other props to facilitate a state of deep relaxation. Restorative postures are held for 3-5 minutes to allow the muscles the opportunity to relax into the supportive props. This is a slow-paced class combining gentle movement, meditation, and deep breathing that allows participants time to rest, restore and recover.

Stretch & Flexibility - Currently offered virtually and in-person

Stretch & Flexibility is geared towards improving flexibility at any level. Through a variety of static and dynamic stretches, you'll slow down and reconnect with your body as you improve posture, maintain or increase range of motion, and reduce general tightness and soreness throughout your body. Stretch & Flexibility is excellent after a long day at the computer or a strenuous workout!

Wildcard Yoga

In need of a spontaneous workout adventure? Wildcard yoga is taught by a different instructor each week and in a different format. From metal yoga to hip-hop, restorative to inversions class, this class will always keep you on your toes and is a great opportunity to try new and different styles of yoga.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga will begin with gentle movement, stretching, and pranayama breathing exercises. Halfway through the class, we will transition into yin, which is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses or asanas that are held for longer periods of time—five minutes or longer per pose. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Make sure to bring additional layers as the gentle pace of this class will not elevate body temperature. 

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is an intense and challenging class that targets your mind and body. Sweat out toxins, boost your metabolism, and build strength while you flow through asanas (yoga poses), incorporate free weights, and move with upbeat music. When aspects of cardio and strength training combine with the mindfulness of yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. Great for students to add into their yoga practice and also appropriate for beginners.


Abs & Arms - Currently offered virtually

This class is intended to strengthen your core, arms, chest, back, and shoulders using bodyweight as well as equipment (common household props used for virtual classes). This motivating and empowering class is great for those looking to make upper body and core strength gains, to learn how to perform exercises safely, or to continue to move while resting and/or recovering their lower bodies.

Abs, Buns & Thighs - Currently offered virtually and in-person

If you are looking to strengthen your lower body, this is the ideal class for you! Using strength training principles and a mix of bodyweight and equipment (common household props used for virtual classes), this class is sure to target and strengthen every area of your glutes, quads, hamstrings, abdominals, and calves.

At-Home Strength - Currently offered virtually

This full-body strength training class will help you feel the burn! No fitness equipment is needed. Instead, we will use household items such as backpacks, water bottles, and other creative options. Leave feeling strong and pumped! 

Dryland Fitness for Swimmers 

This weekly 45-minute total body workout is designed to help swimmers maintain strength, flexibility, and endurance out of the pool. Not only is dryland training ideal while pool access is hard to come by, but incorporating dryland training into your workout routine can help you become stronger and more explosive in the water while decreasing your risk of injury.

Foundation Training

Foundation Training is a simple solution that gives you the means to change the way you move and correct the imbalances caused by our modern habits. Well suited for the seasoned athlete or anyone new to fitness, this training program creates a more functional and stronger posterior chain. In addition to performing everyday activities of reaching and bending, a strong posterior chain helps us enjoy activities we have a passion for including running, walking, swimming, golf, gardening, hiking, soccer, cycling, basketball and much more.

Lift Strong

This full-body strength training class will help you feel the burn! Lift Strong uses free weights, body bars and more to work every major muscle group in the body - so your muscles leave feeling strong and you leave feeling pumped. Instruction and participation focus is on correct lifting techniques, with the use of light to moderate weights and higher repetitions.

Pump X - Currently offered in person

Feel the music and the burn! This full-body strength class uses light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, all coordinated to the beat of music. Let the music, instructor, and team atmosphere motivate you to achieve more than you can on your own. Be ready to work up a sweat and leave with a smile in this fun, music-driven, total-body workout!  

Women-Only Strength

This class will provide an introduction to a variety of Campus Rec Group X strength class formats. Open to all women, this class places extra emphasis on positive body image, improving self-confidence with fitness principles, and providing options for students of all shapes and sizes. Privacy is provided within the room by closing all blinds to ensure a safe workout space for all.



CORE DE FORCE is a mixed martial arts-inspired workout. With no equipment needed, the workout combines movements from western Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and more to teach anyone how to move and train like a fighter—with agility, control, balance, and precision. Expect a non-contact, high-energy workout, with 3-minute Rounds of fight combinations, spikes, and conditioning movements. 

Cycle - Currently offered virtually

This is an amazing cardiovascular workout that works well for participants of all levels. Instructors will lead you through a variety of drills on the bike, such as sprints and hills,  taught with motivating music to keep you going and ensure you get the most out of your workout time. Participants can use any stationary bike, or a bike placed on an indoor trainer, to participate in class. If you don’t have a bike or an indoor bike trainer and want to participate in this class, view our Virtual Cycle information sheet to learn how you can affordably rent the necessary equipment from Campus Rec and the PSU Bike Hub.

HIIT + Abs - Currently offered virtually

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training which is characterized by periods of high energy and fast heart rates, followed by recovery time where the heart rate will slow down. HIIT is known for being an extremely effective cardiorespiratory workout in a short time frame. This class will utilize the entire body with both bodyweight and equipment-based exercises. 

Dance Fitness 

Cardio Dance 

Cardio dance has a mix of many genres of music, traveling around the world from pop to RnB, rap, latin, k-pop, and more. The dances range from hip-hop to salsa and combine fast and slow rhythms allowing participants to choose the levels they want. The important thing is getting a good sweat, feeling confident, and having fun!

Zumba - Currently offered virtually 

This Latin-inspired dance-fitness class incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements to create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness program. The class format combines fast and slow rhythms that challenge the body in an aerobic fashion to achieve a unique balance of cardio and muscle-strengthening benefits. Ditch the workout and join the party!


Beginner Bootcamp

This class is designed for all fitness levels with a variety of options given for each exercise. The instructor will tailor the class to best fit your needs so please let your instructor know how they can best assist you.This is a great class to take prior to jumping into Bootcamp.

Bodyweight Bootcamp - Currently offered virtually

This class combines strength training and cardio exercises for a comprehensive workout. This is an ideal class if you would like a full-body, interval-based workout that can be performed anywhere. 


This class combines strength training and cardio exercises for a comprehensive workout. This is an ideal class if you would like a full-body, interval-based workout in only 45 minutes. The class will be different every time and use a variety of equipment to keep you engaged and progressing along your fitness journey.

Deep Water X

This little-to-no impact class gives you the opportunity to get a great workout without putting any added stress on your joints. With a variety of cardio, core, and strength work you can look forward to a full-body workout, using the water to do what we can't with our feet on the ground. Deep Water X is ideal for participants of all body types and fitness levels. No swim experience required.


P90X® LIVE is a group-focused total-body strength and cardio class that incorporates proven principles from personal training and functional strength coaching. Broken into four class sections: Cardio X, Lower Strength, Upper Strength, and Core X, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck in this class. Get ready to bust through personal plateaus, rock out to hardcore music, and give it your all as you encourage each other to get stronger each class.

*60 minute classes have longer Cardio X and Core X segments than 45 minute classes. 

Rhythm Bootcamp 

Feel the music and the burn! This full-body strength and cardio conditioning class uses the beat of music to motivate you to keep pushing to achieve your goals. Be ready to work up a sweat in this fun, music-driven, total body workout!

Shallow Water X

This class takes place in the shallow end of the pool, using the buoyancy of water to lessen the impact on your joints. You can expect a variety of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) intervals, plyometrics and strength work for the upper and lower body in this effective, low-impact class. Open to all ability levels. No swim experience required.

Step & Strength

A majority of this class will use a raised platform for coordination and cardio. Participants will move with the music and the instructor up, over, and around the bench. All choreography will be simple and easy to follow along, so don't be afraid! Not only will you get a great cardio workout, you'll also do strengthening exercises for all major muscle groups.

Tabata - Currently offered virtually

Using the Tabata method (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times through, with a 1-minute rest between rounds) we will conquer a variety of cardio and bodyweight strength exercises. Tabatas provide a challenging and effective workout that will leave you feeling physically and mentally strong and proud!


Faculty/Staff Strength & Conditioning*

This class incorporates a variety of equipment and exercise formats into a 45-minute time frame to provide you with a quick and effective strength and cardio based workout. The strength portion(s) of class will use a combination of weighted and body weight exercises. The cardio portion(s) of class will focus on aerobic training, or having an elevated heart rate at a steady state. Faculty/Staff classes are available to anyone with a valid PSU employee ID, no Campus Rec membership required. NOTE: Access to locker rooms not included. See the bottom of this section for details.

Faculty/Staff Yoga*

Yoga is a type of mindfulness and wellness practice that unites our breath with our bodies in a way that can improve health, wellbeing, and relaxation. This class will incorporate breathing exercises with physical postures and movement, and will explore a combination of yoga styles including Hatha (static poses), Vinyasa (flowing through poses) and Gentle or Restorative yoga. Faculty/Staff classes are available to anyone with a valid PSU employee ID, no Campus Rec membership required. NOTE: Access to locker rooms not included. See the bottom of this section for details.

Faculty/Staff Zumba*

This Latin-inspired dance-fitness class incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements to create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness program. Faculty/Staff classes are available to anyone with a valid PSU employee ID, no Campus Rec membership required. NOTE: Access to locker rooms not included. See the bottom of this section for details.

Faculty/Staff Group X class details: PSU faculty and staff are invited to participate in faculty/staff Group X fitness classes. The classes are free to all PSU faculty and staff with a valid PSU ID. Campus Rec membership is not required for participation. Classes are drop-in; registration is not required. Campus Rec is offering these complimentary faculty/staff classes in ASRC 220, a new fitness space shared by Campus Rec and PSU’s Physical Education program. The new space provides an excellent opportunity for faculty and staff to develop their physical, mental and social wellbeing, while also contributing to a healthy, happy, engaged PSU community. All faculty/staff Group X fitness classes take place in ASRC 220, located in the west hallway on the 2nd floor. Non-member participants do not have access to the Rec Center, locker room or shower facilities. Rec Center access requires a paid monthly membership or $7 daily pass. Non-member participants are encouraged to change in their office area or building prior to and after class. There is some space available inside ASRC 220 for small personal belongings. A one-time waiver is required for all participants and will be available for completion at all classes.